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Can I Fly with My E-Cig? Travel Tips for 2015

Filed in News & Politics by on January 19, 2015

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Traveling with your e-cig can be tricky. You want to obey the rules, but that can be hard when those rules change depending on where you are. We put together some basic tips to help you navigate the current e-cig regulation landscape…

Can I use my e-cig on an airplane?

While a federal guideline has been proposed, that piece of legislation has yet to be passed. Regardless, major airlines in the United States have each enacted policies banning the use of e-cigs on planes. The penalties for being caught using an e-cig on an American-based airline are steep…just ask the e-cig enthusiast whose refusal to comply caused an emergency landing of a commercial aircraft at Baltimore’s BWI. These restrictions hold true for domestic flights, but international carriers may have different policies. If you’re planning a trip abroad, we suggest checking with the airline before pairing that $12 glass of Merlot with a V2 Red Disposable.

Can I use my e-cig in the airport?

Sometimes. While many airports have banned the use of e-cigs in terminals, others have not. When in doubt, ask! Some airports, like Heathrow in the UK have allowed vendors to create a “vaping zone”, specifically for e-cig fans. Unfortunately, if you happen to be in an airport that restricts the use of e-cigs, your only option may be the glass walled smokers’ aquarium, er, lounge.

Can I fly with my e-cig?

You can. On their Website, TSA states that e-cigs may be brought onto an aircraft, but in past years, directed you to keep it in your carry-on. In a statement released in July 2014, TSA gave the green light for electronic cigarettes to be packed in either carry-on or checked luggage.

Which cities allow vaping indoors?

Because these laws change so quickly, there is no list of cities that allow (or restrict) vaping. Many places have included e-cigs in public smoking bans, so it’s best to check the current laws of your destination before pulling out your favorite e-cig. And don’t think that you have free reign simply because your outdoors. New York City’s public smoking rules are so stringent, you aren’t allowed to smoke in Central Park. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so when in doubt, always ask first.

But I can still use my e-cig in the car, right?

In your own car? Absolutely! In someone else’s car? Well, there’s no law against it…but you might want to check with the driver first. The only thing worse than being dropped off on the side of the highway, is being dropped off on the side of the highway in winter.

What have you experienced traveling with your e-cig? Share in the comments or tell us on Facebook!

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