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Celebrities Who Love E-Cigs

Filed in Lifestyle by on January 15, 2015

celebrity e-cigs, celebrities e-cigE-cigs are becoming mainstream, matching predictions from earlier this year, so it’s no surprise that more celebrities are jumping on the vapor bandwagon. Whether looking for endorsement deals or just tired of smelling like an ashtray, Hollywood’s elite are opting for the latest e-cigs and vape pens when they step out. Here are five boldfaced names recently “caught vaping.”

Leonardo DiCaprio
A day at the beach with his e-cig…what else could Leo possibly need to make his day perfect? (Models. The answer is models.) At least he doesn’t need to worry about leaving behind a trail of disgusting cigarette butts. As long as they’re disposed of properly, e-cigs are better for the environment that regular cigarettes – although there’s no guarantee you’ll look as good as Leo does when he vapes.

Julia Louis Dreyfus
DiCaprio wasn’t the only one to make headlines at the 2014 Golden Globes for flaunting on an e-cig. Vaping gave Dreyfus a great excuse to brush off Reese Witherspoon…saving the world from another awful celebrity “selfie.”

Norman Reedus
When he’s not dishing out justice with an Irish accent or smashing zombies with his bare hands, Reedus knows how to take a second and enjoy the little things in life. We’ve heard tobacco cigarettes scornfully referred to as “death sticks,” so it’s great to see Reedus takes a firm stance against “The Walking Dead,” both on and off the set with his e-cig.

Simon Cowell
The ever condescending judge is at least trying to cut back on his 40 cigarette/day habit. While we wholeheartedly agree that swapping out tobacco for e-cigs will have a positive impact on his appearance, we’d like to add that it’s an e-cig. Not a time machine.

Michelle Rodriquez
Feisty Michelle strikes us as a serious vaper, not just someone who follows a trend. The Fast & Furious 7 star goes her own way and does what she likes. But make no mistake, the 36-year-old beauty always keeps fit, even during her down time.

What other celebs are vapers? Let us know on the V2 Facebook page.

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Comments (2)

  1. Kwihui Halliday says:

    I don’t care if the celebs smoke carvings or not. However, they are influential to many, so it’s good, I suppose, to see them in public smoking the vapor- cigs. Since they are in percentage marked, just like the dermal patches, I will bet that, eventually it’s whole lot easier to stop smoking. I don’t know if you have the none nicotine vapes, I hope you do or will soon. You know, just the flavors vapor cartridges? That way the habit of smoke can be continued with just vapors. The habit is one of the most difficult part of stopping smoking. The Nicoderm patches fails there. The habit of holding cigs, and puffing out air- in smoke. I think that in that sense seeing these so called celebs is a good thing. Personally, I think that they are all over inflated egotistical human beings. Their so called star status is only as good as their last big blockbuster film. Acting, if famous, got to be, one of the easiest job on earth for those who can pretend well.