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E Cigs on TV: Biggest Moments of 2014

Filed in Lifestyle by on January 29, 2015

e cigs on television v2 cigsA lot of us here at V2 love TV almost as much as we love our e cigs. In 2014, we got to witness our beloved e cigs rise to mainstream popularity and join many of our favorite celebs on the small screen. From the Golden Globes, when an e cig starred in on-camera celebrity antics, to a vapor-filled scene on the Simpsons, to late-night comedy, we couldn’t help noticing these big moments. Here’s a recap of our favorites.

The Golden Globes.
Take your pick of celebrities seen vaping while taking in the show (Leonardo DiCaprio? Sienna Miller?). How could we not love Julia Louis-Dreyfuss puffing on an e cig while pretending to be too cool to sit with other celebrities (and denying Reese Witherspoon a selfie) as part of the show’s comical camera cutaways.

Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Our humble e cigs warranted a nearly two-minute riff on this late night show, with the host starting out complaining that it doesn’t burn, then launching into a promotion for a fictional “iPhone E” – a phone you can smoke! Now we haven’t figured out how to combine a vaporizer with a phone yet, but have something that can get you close: our new V2 iPhone Case keeps your e cigs, iPhone, and credit cards secure and on-hand.

House of Cards.
Attempting to ditch tobacco and appear more “vice presidential,” Kevin Spacey’s character puffs on e cigs in this late night scene in his living room. When he’s accused of cheating with the smokes, Spacey tells his wife: “No, I’m not, it’s vapor. You should try it.” We think so too, Claire! And for a stylish woman like you, we recommend something from our Vapor Couture line…

The Simpsons.
Chain-smoking Patty and Selma try e cigs, but – in classic Simpsons-style humor – lament the fact that they’re so clean compared to regular cigarettes. Only the Simpsons could add smoking humor to an episode about fracking.

What were your favorite vaping TV moments of 2014? Share them on our Facebook page!

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