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Six E Cig Vape Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Filed in Lifestyle by on January 8, 2015

The vaper community – always into having a good time and not afraid to push the limits – never ceases to amaze us here at V2. Why simply puff when you can send e cig vapor out in four directions? And why not swallow back those vape circles? How about making the biggest vapor cloud you’ve ever seen? There’s no end to variations of tricks out there today. Our e cigs and vaporizers are paintbrushes and the vapor, it seems, our art.

Want some examples? An Instagram search for #vapetricks shows nearly 48,000 posts. Vine will get you close to another 12,000.

Here are our 8 favorites – in no particular order – and we just can’t stop staring. (you might want to sit down for these…)


Ever been splashed by vapor?

Cloud chase much?

A video posted by Matt Roswick (@matty_vapes) on


Blowin’ rings and doin’ tricks

A vapor tornado

A video posted by @sorceressofvapour on

Double your fun with double the O’s


And now, for some silliness…


Can you spot the jellyfish?

Inspired? Not impressed? Leave a comment or show us what you got on the V2 Facebook page.

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