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Top 6 Recent Vaporizer Tweets

Filed in Lifestyle by on January 27, 2015

vaporizer, vape pen, vapesTwitter is humming with tweets about vaporizers and ecigs (or should we say #ecigs). On any given day, you’ll find people looking for advice about how to get more life out of their vaporizer battery, where to find the best e-liquid for their vape pen, or kudos for vape tricks and the like. Overwhelmingly, manufacturers and advocacy groups have taken to Twitter, as well, to promote their products and spread news about the industry (which there’s no shortage of these days).

With an eye toward fun, we’ve mined the Twittersphere for original vaporizer and e-cig-related tweets we thought you’d enjoy. Here are our favorites.

1. Anne Hathaway’s “I don’t judge the vape” comment from her NYT interview got lots of tweets and retweets. We couldn’t agree more!

Dave Itzkoff ‏@ditzkoff: “I don’t judge the vape.” – Anne Hathaway

2. The convergence of cute animal pics and vaporizers has begun!

Dave Stopera ‏@davestopera “You think you’ve seen it all, but then you find a stock photo of a woman high fiving a dog while hittin’ a vape.”

3. From the middle seat…

Jennings Brown ‏@tjenningsbrown “The large Chicagoan tire salesmen sitting on both sides of me on this flight are both sneaking hits from their e-cigarettes.”

4. This got a laugh out of us. We might know someone named “Bro.”

Tricia O’Kelley ‏@TriciaOKelley
Well, @alexkapphorner just recommended a vape store and told me to ask for a guy named “Bro”. So. That happened.

5. We also liked this one. Can you guess whose quote this is? (It’s Victor Hugo).

Tony R ‏@tony2015555 Dec 24 .@ASA_UK “No Army can stop an Idea whose Time has come.” #ecigs #ecigarettes

6. For you Midwesterners and Northerners braving the arctic cold this month. Our thoughts are with you!

Brandon @UNTRESOR My vape rig froze to my lip. 🙁


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