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Vaporizer Accessories for Techies

Filed in Lifestyle by on January 20, 2015

vaporizer, vape pen, personal vapeIf your vaporizer rivals your phone on the short list of things you won’t leave home without, this post is for you! For gadget-loving techies, smartphone customization is a must. Our constant companions, smartphones have defined modern convenience. The seemingly endless selection of apps and accessories available to use with our phones do more than just simplify day-to-day life, they keep us informed, entertained and connected.

And there’s no shortage of smartphone accessories and add-ons geared toward enhancing your vaping experience. These accessories make enjoying an electronic cigarette or a portable vaporizer fun and easy, no matter where you are. We put together a list of the three vape pen accessories no e cigarette fan should be without.

Lepow Poki Ultra-Slim External Battery Pack

For under $30, the Lepow Poki is a portable USB battery that’s great for charging your smartphone while on-the-go. But it can also double as a power source to keep your rechargeable vaporizer up-and-running in a pinch. The ultra-slim design is an added plus for travelers and commuters alike.

V2 iPhone Case

Why not try a smartphone case that doesn’t just protect your iPhone, but also keeps your e-cig safe in your pocket? The new V2 iPhone Case is our favorite example – and not just because we made it ourselves. This durable case is made of high-quality material and protects your iPhone 5 or 5S without limiting its functionality. It can even carry your credit cards, without any added bulk in your pocket.

E-Cig & Smartphone Caddy

This handmade wooden stand is beautifully designed and can hold a vaporizer/electronic cigarette, smartphone, and up to three e-liquid bottles. It’s available on Etsy, so you can work with the creators to customize the dimensions to fit whatever devices you have.

These are just 3 of our favorite smartphone accessories for vaporizer fans. What are some of your favorite e-cig & smartphone accessories? Tell us in the comment section or share it on our Facebook page.

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