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Wearable Tech for Electronic Cigarette Aficionados

Filed in Lifestyle by on January 21, 2015

It’s 2015 and the electronic cigarette lanyard isn’t the only way to wear technology…

Though Apple’s smartwatch wasn’t the first of its kind, the media attention following the announcement propelled the wearable tech category into the mainstream. Suddenly, the most coveted jewelry wasn’t covered in diamonds and average guys started hoping for the big things that come in small packages.

Just as the electronic cigarette revolutionized how we smoke, wearable devices are fundamentally altering the way we exercise, socialize and even achieve nirvana. Check out the top five devices that made it onto our wishlist…

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Apple Watch, $350

If you ever fantasized about asking Scotty to beam you up to the Enterprise, this watch is for you. Apple teased us with “early 2015” for a launch date, so it shouldn’t be too long before fiddling in your pocket to check a useless text is a thing of the past – instead, that useless text will interrupt your day from its new front-and-center position on your wrist.

Jawbone Up 24, $129.99

Once you forget it’s a computer monitoring you 24/7, the Jawbone emerges as a tool that could finally tackle America’s sleep deficit problem. The company even hired a VP of Data whose team analyzes troves of information to decipher sleeping patterns and provide recommendations to the users. But Jawbone’s usefulness doesn’t stop at sleep. This neat little device will also help boost your activity levels by telling you if you’ve been sitting too long. And no, it’s not something you wear on your head, as the name implies, this gadget goes on your wrist.

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Google Glass*, $1,500

The ability to deliver information visually and in real time is what makes Google Glass so exciting, whether it’s improving your golf swing or tracking distance (and calories burned) on a bike. These ridiculously high-tech glasses utilize Head-Up Displays to provide you with information that can be easily read without shifting focus.

Muse, $299

VentureBeat summed up Muse best when they suggested the device is “basically gamifying meditation—or at the very least, gamifying a path towards a more focused and relaxed mind.” The brain-sensing device is designed to help improve stress response, motivate positive brain changes and ultimately make you a calmer person. Muse is a headband that wraps around the front of your head, with the ends resting on your ears. It connects to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth.

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Whistle Activity Monitor, $99

Given our ongoing love affair with our furry friends, it was inevitable that fitness trackers would eventually reach the four legged demographic. If Fido is getting a little chunky from laying around the house all day, Whistle can help put your pooch back on track. Besides, those longer walks may benefit you, too!

Do you have any wearable tech? Heard of any cool gadget that complements your electronic cigarette? Tell us in the comments or share on our Facebook page!

*Following publication of this article, Google announced that Glass would no longer be available for purchase.


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