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Ads Our V2 Vape Pen Marketers Love

Filed in Lifestyle by on February 25, 2015

While brainstorming ad ideas for our new V2 Pro Series 7 vape pen, the marketing team got into a lively debate over the best commercials of all time. This year’s Super Bowl delivered a few gems…both good (Chevy Ram. How many of you thought your cable went out??) and um, not so good (multiple ads featuring the screaming goats, which we loved…in 2013).

our favorite commercials v2cigsPicking just a few ads was difficult, but after a little arguing (and a full-contact thumb war), we managed to agree on these five. Here, in no particular order, are our team’s favorite commercials…

Mitsubishi, Start the Commotion
Just try not to start tapping your foot to the punchy beat in this Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial. Ten seconds of it had us up and dancing with vape pen in hand while putting this post together. We even have a designer who claims this is one commercial that would actually make her buy the car. Sold!

Kodak’s True Colors
Camera film is a relic of the past, and some of us old school, creative types mourn its passing. Kodak had a great run of beautiful commercials, but this one really stands out. It shows colorful, stained glass windows while a boys choir sings “True Colors,” the song vaulted into popularity by Cyndi Lauper. see the mop dog superbowl ad v2 cigsAll the unexpected juxtapositions make this spot a thing of beauty.

Dr. Pepper’s Mop Dog
Another one to pull at the heart strings. We just love a good commercial that tells a story and frankly, we are suckers for our four-legged friends. Mop Dog was love at first sight – we just want to take this guy home.

Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan for Gatorade
Gatorade has had some pretty awesome spots over the years. Anything with Michael Jordan was top notch, in our minds, but this one pitting Jordan against Mia Hamm is fantastic. We love the spunk and grit of the pint-sized Hamm showing up Jordan in every sport. Makes you want to go out and kick some butt.

Kenny Rogers for Geico
A new Geico commercial for the Super Bowl is a pretty well-anticipated event at this point. We love pretty much all of them (remember the caveman one? That commercial was so successful, it spun off a sitcom), but our favorite is probably the 2014 ad featuring Kenny Rogers. (Who among us did not grow up singing this song?)

Yeah, OK, we tried to limit ourselves to just five, but who are we kidding? Here are a handful of the ads we love that didn’t make it to the top five…
– “It’s Jake. From State Farm.” (State Farm)
– “They’re happy cars!” (Volkswagen)
The Most Interesting Man in the World (Dos Equis)
– “What the French, toast?” (Orbit Gum)
Beware the Penguins (But Ice)

What’s your favorite commercial? Let us know in the comment section or on our Facebook page.


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