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Best Blogs Covering E Cigarette Issues

Filed in Lifestyle, News & Politics by on February 18, 2015

The media landscape covering the vape world goes far beyond reviewing the latest e cigarette products and e liquid flavors. learn about the top e cigarette bloggers v2 cigsJournalists and bloggers alike are delving deep into issues of all kinds facing vapers today, from the wacky and entertainment-focused to the more serious matters of impending regulation nationwide.

Here, we take a look at the best bloggers covering the industry today and provide links to some of their work. You’ll want to keep an eye on what these people are doing as vape culture continues to expand.

Gizmodo. This design and technology centric blog covers news, reviews, and gossip. It tells you what you really need to know about e cigarettes (like FDA regulations), plus a few things you don’t (like what happens when you drop a red hot nickel ball in e liquid (don’t do this – really) – spoiler alert: BIG FLAMES). If you’re after a little variety, Gizmodo has articles about all kinds of other stuff; you can find out why reindeer would never actually work for Santa, or how researchers use GPS to track real time ice migration in Antarctica.
Suggested reading…
What you need to know about vaping by Casey Chan
The FDA thinks e-cigs are tobacco products by Mario Aguilar

Forbes’ Jacob Sullum. Sullum is a nationally syndicated columnist who blogs on drug policy at Forbes from a “conscientious objector’s” perspective. His incisive and humorous work has appeared in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, and other national publications. For Forbes as well as other publications, he’s pontificated about the benefits of vaping in lieu of smoking the dangers of regulating the e cigarette industry. Here’s a sampling of his work:
For public health, let them vape cake (Daily News)
The health hazards of arbitrary e cigarette regulation (
No smoke, yet ire (

e cigarette blogs you should be reading v2cigsMotherboard’s Jason Koebler. Motherboard is an online magazine and video channel at the intersection of technology, science, and humans. In addition to e cigarette stories, you’ll see articles about off-beat topics as varied as social media rules for sex workers, a review of tablets specifically formulated for prisoners, and which public library teaches people how to avoid the NSA. You won’t regret checking it out. Some of our favorite Jason Koebler reads are:
Big tobacco has officially lost its hold on the e cigarette market
Big tobacco’s attempt to cash in on the custom vaping craze is a drag
The FDA says e cigarettes are less harmful than smoking

Daily Caller. The Daily Caller entertains with libertarian news and opinions. They’ve done a deep dive into e cigarettes, and publish supremely entertaining commentary by the likes of Matt Lebash and Ann Coulter, among many others.
We suggest checking out these articles by Jonah Bennett
E cigarettes less toxic, less addictive
White house “deletes” FDA e cigarette recommendations
And this article by Dr. Gilbert Ross
E cigarette bans and propaganda are driven by cronyism, not public health

Sean Cooper, Engadget. An admitted toy abuser, Sean Cooper weighs in on e cigarettes from his libertarian perch in Ottawa. Sean highlights “what you need to know” (in conjunction with why you should care) and explains what the controversy and the law is.
Check out two articles by Sean Cooper
What you need to know about vaporizers
E-cigs may trump patches for quitting smoking

Did we miss one of your favorite e cigarette bloggers? Be sure to let us know on our Facebook page!

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