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Get More with the Series 7 Vaporizer

Filed in New Products by on February 26, 2015

buy the best herb vaporizer with series 7

V2 Pro Series 7 Dry Herb Vaporizer is Here!

Our next offering in the V2 Pro line of advanced vaporizers is Series 7. The best way to describe the Series 7 vaporizer pen is with one word: more.

When we designed Series 7, our goal was to give you more of everything you appreciated in our Series 3 products. So Series 7 boasts more power, more vapor, more battery life, more cartridge capacity, more user control and more value. (Did we mention more?)

Like Series 3, Series 7 is a 3-in-1 device. You can seamlessly move between e-liquid, loose leaf or dry herb, and wax. Likewise, you can enjoy the ease-of-use of magnetic connections and pass-through operation. However, in order to deliver more, the Series 7 is a little larger than Series 3. Still a pocket vaporizer, it may be just a bit more visible in your pocket.

While Series 7 can operate automatically, it also provides our advanced consumers with the option of adjusting vaporizing temperature. There are nine distinct temperature settings, three for each cartridge. Changing the temperature is as simple as clicking the activation button a few times. The LED lights on the unit will tell you if you’ve selected low, medium or high temperature.

Series 7 also delivers a lot of value. With a price of $150, no other vaporizer in its class comes close to its performance or flexibility. It’s not unusual to find a less capable, dry herb-only vaporizer priced $100 higher or more.

Our focus on value is an extension of our design philosophy for the entire V2 Pro line. The products not only have to look amazing, but they have to perform at the top of their class, and be accessible to consumers too. The Series 7 vaporizer is a great example of bringing this philosophy to market. Visit V2 Pro and order yours today.


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