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Six Traits Common to the Vaporizer Community

Filed in Lifestyle by on February 16, 2015

As appreciators of the latest vaporizer or breakthrough in vaporizer technology, vapers tend to share certain traits. It’s no wonder “vape culture” has become just as common a term as “vape” itself – and without the certification of the Oxford Dictionaries, no less.

We salute the vaporizer community, and have compiled our list of shared traits as an appreciation for the culture vapers are creating.

Experience as a smoker or former smoker. While we don’t endorse tobacco use, statistics show that many vaporizer consumers are current, rather than former smokers. A wide segment of the smoking population has found that vaporizers provide a great alternative to lighting up; they appreciate the added freedom that comes with having so many choices.

Appreciation for a good deal. As recent smokers, the economical benefits to vaporizers are inarguable…particularly as the cost of tobacco products continues to grow. The price of a prefilled cartridge is a fraction of what you’ll pay for a pack of cigarettes. Fill those cartridges yourself and the savings multiply.

Tech-savvy, gadget-loving. The technology used to create a portable vaporizer is cutting-edge and we couldn’t be prouder. Our drive to innovate pairs perfectly with the vaper community’s desire for the very latest and greatest device. And vapers don’t limit their tech to e cig products, they typically posses an impressive collection of gadgets; from useful to ridiculous and everything in between.

vaper community v2 cigsA sense of community . Vape meet-up groups are appearing all over the country, which we think is a great thing! The vaporizer community’s evolution is awesome – we’ve watched it grow from obscurity to a culture that’s become pretty mainstream. And people are not just meeting up, they’re truly connecting, both online and off.

Tendency to be ahead of the curve. Vapers are early adopters. While vaporizers have been available in the United States for less than a decade, and the vape community discovered the upsides of the product early. The word “vape” has been part of our vernacular since 2010, but it wasn’t until 2014 that the Oxford Dictionaries officially recognized the term, naming it the Word of the Year.

Independent thinkers. Now, we’re not trying to make blanket statements about politics, but, being early adopters, vapers do tend to be fiercely independent and treasure their freedoms. They’re not afraid to embrace new things early and value the rights of the individual.

Does this sound like you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section or on our Facebook page.


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