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The E Cigarette Goes Hollywood: Vape Scenes in Movies

Filed in Lifestyle by on February 5, 2015

movies that star an e cigarette by v2 cigsOur beloved e cigarette has become increasingly commonplace on the silver screen. And with the proliferation of Hollywood actors who’ve been seen with their e cigarette or vaporizer in real life, the regularity of movie scenes depicting vaping will only increase. Still, it’s always exciting to see an e cigarette in the hands of an A-list celeb on screen!

Of course we recognize that sometimes these placements are less than organic: we hear the forthcoming movie Cymbeline features a paid e-cig placement that came with a hefty fee. (We guess that’s what some e cigarette companies have to do when they don’t have the vocal community that V2 does!) Either way, here are some of the best vape scenes we’ve seen in movies over the last couple years.

Dennis Quaid in Beneath the Darkness. Playing a grim, local mortician and villainous main character, Quaid puffs on an e cigarette throughout the film – even as he prepares bodies for burial. We can’t speak to the ratings of this horror flick (which weren’t very good), but the vape in this 2012 movie is hard to ignore.

John Cusack in Drive Hard. Cusack’s character is depicted as a true nuts-and-bolts vaper; he’s even seen maintaining his e cigarette in some scenes. Our favorite part: his e cigarette even made it into the official trailer to this 2014 film. (Again, we’re not attesting to the quality of this flick, BTW.) But seeing all those vape clouds is pretty cool.

Johnny Depp inThe Tourist. We’ve mentioned this one before, but we give it major kudos for being a sort of pioneer in bringing e cigarettes into the movies. Granted, the vaping is limited to just a short scene in the beginning of the movie, but it was 2010 – way ahead of the curve!

Zac Efron in Neighbors.In this 2014 Seth Rogan film (not the one that pissed of North Korea), the character played by Efron, who’s been spotted with his e cigarette in real life, too, can be seen vaping.

What other movies have starred an e cigarette? Share with us in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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