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Our Vape Pen Engineers are Addicted to Flappy Bird

Filed in Lifestyle by on February 11, 2015

vape pen designers love flappy bird v2 cigsOur team of vape pen designers are addicted…to Flappy Bird. And there are no support groups (we checked.)

With high tech features in everything from cars to curling irons, there’s something nostalgic about going back to basics. If you’re pioneering new technology at V2, early 2014 counts as nostalgia. And while we certainly enjoy playing the latest mobile games, one game in particular continues to pull us in, despite – or perhaps because of – its simplicity. That game is Flappy Bird.

Created by the mysterious Vietnamese game developer Dong Nguyen, the game is a side-scroller where the player controls a poorly pixelated bird attempting to fly between rows of green pipes without touching any of them. At the height of its popularity, the game was generating around $50,000 a day before being taken down by the developer for being, interestingly enough, “too addicting.” (Wise words that alas, came too late for our research and development team.)

Many of us at V2 still have the app on our smartphones, as it provides a great distraction when we need a break from creating vape pens or spending time with loved ones. Who can say exactly why it’s still so appealing? Repeatedly tapping the screen to guide the little yellow bird is downright therapeutic when you’re stressed out or awake. The ability to shut your brain down, and fixate on only the most basic hand-eye coordination functions really is a great way to relax.

Sometimes the best things in life are the most simple. No fancy features, no decision overload. We’ll continue playing Flappy Bird into 2015 and hope you do too (one of us! one of us!).

Upset that you missed the chance to download Flappy Bird? Check out this article on VentureBeat that ranks the best and worst Flappy Bird clones.

Do you still play Flappy Bird? What’s your highest score? Be sure to let us know on our Facebook page!


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