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Vapor Pens and Primetime Programming

Filed in Lifestyle by on February 17, 2015

top primetime tv picks from vapor pens creator v2cigsAs not-so-secret fans of television, we’re excited about the 2015 lineup (almost as excited as we are about the launch of our V2 Pro Series 7 vapor pens!) In fact, we’ve already picked through the roster and decided which shows we’re programming into the DVR.

We enjoy following the drama of our favorite shows, and while most of us prefer to binge-watch recorded shows over the weekend, we’ve got a few people who like to watch their shows organically; balancing their time between vapor pens and primetime TV (and um, exercise).

These are the a few of the shows we’ll be watching this year…

Better Call Saul
Possibly the most anticipated new show of the year, we think Saul is better than ever in this Breaking Bad spinoff. We couldn’t be happier. The bar has been set pretty high, so we hope it has a good run and stays around for a while.

Jane The Virgin
This show, in its first season, was just plain lovable. We enjoy the telenova-style drama of it all, and Gina Rodriguez as Jane (the show’s namesake virgin who gets pregnant through a medical mistake) is irresistible. The light touch this show has served is a nice contrast to the starkly dark humor we see in other television shows.

House of Cards: Season 3
buy vapor pens at v2 cigs and watch tvWhile not technically on TV, we’re just hooked on this show, and the arrival of season 3 on Feb. 27 is as highly anticipated as any new show (even though Netflix made the upcoming season temporarily – mistakenly? – available for a short time before disappearing again!) You can’t beat Golden Globe winner Kevin Spacey’s performance as the (spoiler alert!) VP. Besides, Kevin Spacey gets extra points in our book for giving vapor pens a try. (Though he does go back to regular cigarettes by the end of the episode.)

Battle Creek
After Breaking Bad’s success, CBS revived the script for this show, which Vince Gilligan wrote before writing Breaking Bad. The show follows a pair of mismatched law enforcement offices as they try to clean up a poverty-stricken Michigan town. We’re glad CBS decided to green light the show and we look forward to its arrival on March 1.

Also coming in March, this Netflix original tells the story of a seemingly average American family whose dark past hides secrets that could destroy them. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding this show which features some of our favorite actors from Friday Night Lights and Mad Men.

What shows are looking forward to in 2015? Tell us in the comments section or on our Facebook page!


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