best vaporizer songs from v2 cigs

Your Vaporizer Needs a Theme Song

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best vaporizer songs from v2 cigsYour V2 Pro vaporizer does it all. The only thing missing? Music! No, we’re not adding an MP3 player to Series 7 (but how cool would that be?) – we’re talking about the ultimate vaping playlist! Whether winding down after a long day or relaxing on the weekend, there’s nothing like putting on some music and kicking back with your vaporizer.

Here are a few songs we’re definitely including in our playlist…

In the Air Tonight, Phil Collins
A classic, moody pick, this is the perfect song to relax and unwind to while exhaling swirls of vapor into the air.

Vaporize, Broken Bells
Of course this one makes our list because of the title. But the lyrics and smooth tones of this track give you plenty to contemplate, too, and just seem to have an ethereal quality fitting for a good vape session.

Every Breath You Take, The Police
If the vaporizer was around back in 1983, it surely would’ve been the opening shot of this video, instead of the ash tray. We imagine vapor instead of smoke, when we listen to this one.

Cloud Chasers, Seven Cities Syndicate
We couldn’t not include this literal “vape anthem” by the 3-man Virginia-based rap/hip hop band. It’s an homage to “cloud chasing,” for those who take their vaporizers very seriously.

E-cig Master, Chu and the Hat
Another literal ode to e-cigs, we get a kick out of the wackiness of these lyrics (and accompanying imagery). While the chorus is catchy as hell, this is one video you might not want to share with grandma.

Blow Away, Grateful Dead
Off the Dead’s final album, Built to Last, this song is a soulful jam that’s impossible for classic rock fans to resist. And with a title like Blow Away, we couldn’t resist including it on our vaporizer playlist.

Vapor Trail, Rush
Whether you’re into Rush or not, it’s hard to resist a song called Vapor Trail…especially if it’s off an album titled Vapor Trails. We really dig the mellow feel of the song. It even made it onto one of our engineer’s road trip playlist!

Hells Bells, AC/DC
Because a vaping playlist wouldn’t be complete without something to totally rock out to.

What would be on your vaporizer playlist? Be sure to let us know in the comments section or on our Facebook page!