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5 Strange Dating Apps for E Cigarette Fans

Filed in Lifestyle by on March 5, 2015

Did February find you cozying up with your significant other, perhaps enjoying an e cigarette by the fire? weird dating apps and e cigarette fans v2 cigsOr was it just another reminder of how alone you are – like a vaporizer with no e-juice? Well, cheer up! It’s March! And if you don’t want to spend St. Paddy’s day alone, technology makes it easier to find that special someone.

Yet for every revolutionary dating app, there are a handful that cause us to shake our heads in disbelief. Here are five of the strangest dating apps we’ve come across.

An app that lets you crowd source dating advice from your Facebook friends, other Crowdpilot users or, (and this group is our personal favorite), random Amazon users who pay a per-minute fee to get in on the fun. Sounds great, right? Sort of. That is until you realize it’s basically live streaming all audio from your date to dozens of people without the date’s knowledge. To make matters worse, the only way these people can give you advice is via text messages, so even if you’re clandestine about the streaming, you’ll still be constantly coming up with excuses for why you need to check your phone.

It’s “Tinder minus the poor and ugly people,” and yes, that’s how the app’s mysterious CEO “Tim T” describes it. The app has close to 400 reviews on the Google Play store, though most of them seem to be comments on how ridiculous the concept is…which, while entertaining, is not particularly helpful to the misguided souls interested in actually using the thing.

Carrot Dating
Have the money for Luxy but not the looks? Carrot is for you. With it you can literally bribe people into going on dates with you by offering them everything from bottles of Dom Perignon to a weekend getaway in Costa Rica.

Salad Match
Takes your love of healthy greens to a new level. This app, created by the popular salad franchise Just Salad, aims to bring together people based on their food preferences. So whether you prefer Thousand Island or Italian, there’s a match out there for you.

Sea Captain Date App
e cigarette fans dating app for sea captains v2 cigs
This app is geared towards the “nautical lover looking for their first mate.” Of all the apps listed, this one seems the least strange given sea captains usually spent weeks out on the water, leaving little time to actually date. (And who among us isn’t friends with at least one or two lonely sea captains?)

Do you know any strange dating apps? Let us know in the comments section or on our Facebook page!


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