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Three Vaporizer Advocacy Organizations

Filed in News & Politics by on March 16, 2015

groups advocating for vaporizer consumers v2 cigsAdvocacy groups have a long history in the US, and the vaporizer category is no exception. Advocates ensure that consumer voices are heard in both federal and state capitals. There are groups advocating for all kinds of products, services, and lifestyles – including California wine makers, Italian organic agriculture, and even one whose mission to lobby against GMOs got Chobani yogurt unceremoniously booted out of Whole Foods.

Here are three advocacy groups who are tirelessly working for your right to vape.

CASAA – Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association
CASAA’s mission is to “ensure the availability of effective, affordable and reduced-harm alternatives to smoking” largely through public awareness and education. It is a consumer-based organization, meaning that individual vaporizer consumers and/or those who want to support the vaporizer community, like spouses and family members, are invited to join, share testimonials, and participate in calls-to-action by contacting legislators and other regulators. So, if you’re not already familiar with CASAA, check them out and get on board!

SFATA – Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association
SFATA members are vaporizer and e cigarette businesses, from independent vape shops to our very own parent company, VMR Products. SFATA works to hammer out a framework for meaningful industry standards, good manufacturing practices and science-based research for the vaporizer category. The organization also works overtime, responding to inaccurate stories, biased research, and attacks on the industry that are not based in scientific fact.

ECIG – Electronic Cigarette Industry Group
The Electronic Cigarette Industry Group, Inc. is a non-profit 501c6 association of consumers, manufacturers, importers and distributors of electronic cigarettes. ECIG sees its role as providing objective information on electronic cigarettes, offering forums for members and state and federal agencies to use as a platform for disucssion regarding public health, regulatory affairs and industry matters.

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