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More Complicated than a Vaporizer: Apple Watch

Filed in Lifestyle by on April 21, 2015

Whether it’s a 3-in-1 vaporizer or a robot that cooks for you, the vaper community loves cutting- edge technology. At V2, we’re big fans of wearable tech and even wrote a blog post about the category back in January. Predictably, the Apple Watch topped the list, but mainly due to pure anticipation.

Fast-forward three months and the first handful of reviewers have finally gotten their hands on one of the most anticipated products of 2015. With distribution to the general public slated to begin on Friday, tech-loving vaporizer enthusiasts wanna know: “Is Apple Watch worth the price tag?”

is apple watch good v2 cigsFarhad Manjoo of The New York Times certainly seems to think so, though it took him a few days to get the hang of it. Tech Crunch’s Kyle Russell was a big fan of the watch’s ability to quickly (and often times humorously) respond to messages or emails and control your music from your wrist, but was concerned about how tiny the touch-targets in the top left corner of the screen were.

In a nutshell, this first generation of Apple Watch is more or less what you would expect from first generation technology. The learning curve seems steep for an Apple product and there are (predictably) a few kinks that need to be worked out; however, the consensus is that the release of Apple Watch is an enormous step forward for wearable tech.

The Cons. Lack of usable apps is a pretty big one (although that’s likely to change in the coming months). Because the software for Apple Watch is new, so too is the way users engage with apps; namely, engagement results from incoming notifications, rather than the other way around. Because using Apple Watch isn’t quite intuitive, another con (for a few of us anyway) would be the need for a little tutorial, prior to venturing out, solo. (And if you’re anything like us, you’ll be sure that you can figure it out on your own…and then spend 3 hours trying to figure out how to text.)

The Pros. The biggest plus for Apple Watch is what it does for those of us who are hyper-connected to our phones; specifically, the constant need to check for missed notifications. Because Apple Watch uses different pulses and vibrations to notify you of incoming messages etc, you quickly learn to identify what each is for and can determine whether a response is needed – without even pulling out your phone. (We’d like to note that this plus is equally beneficial for loved ones of the hyper-connected who are tired of sharing focus with a smart phone.) The seamless integration with Apple Pay also deserves a mention, as it allows you to make payments directly from your wrist. Awesome.

In the end, we like Apple Watch, but most of us are planning to wait for the next iteration. Since that’s not an option for our early adopter techies, we strongly recommend getting an in-person tutorial…then again, vapers are pretty brainy bunch, so maybe you’ll be able to pick it up without any assistance.

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