Must-Have Android & iPhone Apps You Need to Download Right Now

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With one of the best teams of engineers in-house, we love our tech gadgets and iPhone apps here at V2 almost as much as we love our vape pens and e-cigarettes. And just when we think we’ve seen them all, our app developing friends come up with a new one. Here are a few of our favorites.

Wakie. We love this one for its sheer randomness. Hate waking up to the buzzing or clanging of your alarm clock?best apps review v2 cigs Then get social and get the ”wakie” alarm, which replaces that annoying sound with a 60 second call from a random stranger. You chat for 60 seconds, after which you’re presumably awake enough to get the coffee going. A new way to shake off the cobwebs and start your day. And really, who doesn’t want to start their morning with an earful of meaningless small talk from a complete stranger? (Android only)

Feedly. Need to cut through the clutter for news on your favorite team or topic? Feedly brings only the information you want to see, right to your screen. So if you want instant, channel-wide updates on the NCAA tournament, or to keep tabs on Rand Paul and his 2016 presidential bid, Feedly’s the way to have it all at your fingertips. (iOS and Android)

theCHIVE. Work worries? Overwhelmed? Girl trouble? If it’s something an uncontrollable burst of laughter will help, check out theCHIVE, a one-stop shop that provides viral, over-the-top pics for some of the “best” medicine. Disclaimer: theCHIVE may feature semi-nudity, vulgarity, and outright grossness (sometimes just what we need). (iOS and Android)

Knots Guide (Free Knots). In knots? Or just need to make one? You never know when life will call for a slip knot, hangman’s knot, or even just the right knot to restrain the bad guy you just took down because you could. Free Knots will ensure you’ve got the right knot for the task. (iOS only)

Tactical Nav – a GPS navigation app for military. “What?” you say, “I’m not in the military.” True, but you never know when circumstances will call for special forces tactics to protect yourself and your loved ones. MacGyver would have had this app had apps been around in the 80s. If all hell’s going to break loose (and history tells us it does, eventually) we’re glad to have this battle-tested navigational system which can function in low light conditions. (iOS only)

Distiller. Whiskey has a venerable and ancient tradition, going at least as far back as the first century AD Alexandria, migrating to Ireland and Scotland not later than the 15th century, and used as a medicine as well as a spirit. By the time whiskey arrived at the U.S. shores in the late 1700s, some argued whiskey could “cure” just about anything that ailed you. Be that as it may, we think the informed consumer is always a step ahead of the game. Distiller suggests a whiskey based on expert ratings and a slew of other data, ensuring the spirit you buy will be perfect for the occasion (or the cure). Take a look, we think you’ll agree. (iOS only)

Speech Recogniser. In our fast-paced social world, if you can’t type rapidly and accurately, you’re lost. Enter Speech Recogniser to save the day. This app recognizes over two dozen spoken languages and can post your updates on Facebook, Twitter, or via text. You can even dictate a “to do” list as you’re on your way to work, or make note of an earth-shattering insight in the middle of the night so you don’t forget it the next day. (iOS & Android)

touchnote app v2 cigsTouchnote. Who said letter writing was a dying art? Touchnote will let you send an old fashioned genteel greeting or postcard by snail mail. You choose the format, font, and picture, if any. Click “send’ and your letter will be printed, placed in an envelope, stamped, and mailed. Great for thank you letters and making grandma happy. (iOS and Android)

Pocket. Reading or watching something interesting on your lunch break and get interrupted? With Pocket you can save it for later (with no ads!) and pick up where you left off. This app offers unlimited storage space, three screen reading modes that adjust the picture for day or night viewing, sharable files for twitter and FaceBook, and everything you’ve saved can be organized and tagged. Great for when you really, really want to finish it. (iOS and Android)

Someone needs a drink – now – but there’s nary a drop in site? Running out of alcohol at an impromptu party? Thirstie will deliver straight to your door within the hour. Currently available only in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami; but they’re adding new cities soon! (iOS and Android)

review of waze app v2 cigsWaze. Beat the rush hour traffic with Waze, crowd sourced traffic alerts. Traffic jams, accidents, and even the best gas prices are all centralized in one easy to use app, ensuring you’ll get to your destination with the least amount of stress and at the best price. (iOS and Android)

Flixster. Need to make plans at the last minute? Flixster cleanly and crisply presents the movies currently showing at the theater of your choice, allowing you to select a time and purchase tickets. If there’s nothing worth seeing, you can buy or rent movies through the app. It features a Flixster community user score, as well as a Rotten Tomatoes rating, plus movie stills and cast info. (iOS and Android)

Have you used any of these apps? Got any current favorites you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page!


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