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Time to Take that Vape Pen Outdoors

Filed in Lifestyle by on April 23, 2015

The weather’s always warm here in Miami, but it’s been a long winter elsewhere, and vape pen fans from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine tell us they’re basking in the glories of spring. There’s so much to be excited about now that spring is here, from not getting shocked by static electricity on the regular, to watching the newest seasons of television’s most anticipated shows. Here are some of our favorite things about spring.

More time outdoors. No matter how bad your cabin fever has gotten, it’s just no fun strolling through the park when it’s 12 degrees out. We love a long walk to clear our head – thank goodness our vape pens are portable!

Spring showers. Rainy afternoons are perfect for a little binge watching of our favorite TV shows and some quality time with your vaporizer. Whether you prefer the powerful, tank-style devices like the vape pens in our V2 Pro line vape pen fans mowers v2 cigsor are happy with their smaller counterparts, have one handy when the next spring shower arrives.

The smell of freshly mown grass. All that rain means one thing if you live in suburbia: it’s time to mow the lawn. If you’re like some of us, you enjoy revving up the lawn mower, and maybe you’re lucky enough to have a riding mower. The best part about mowing the yard? Most mowers have a beer, er, cup holder.

Baseball season. With his record-setting $325 million contract, will Giancarlo Stanton lead the Marlins to a run at the top of the division this season? Can the Mets live up to the hype and finally break their six-season losing streak? If you love the game like we do, now is the time to be excited, as the season gets under way. Check here for one enthusiastic sportswriter’s recommendations for the 10 teams that will entertain you the most this baseball season.

Music festival season. Vape pen fans tend to be quite serious about music. Spring marks the start vape pen friendly concerts v2 cigsof festival season around the country, and our calendars are filling up quickly. Here’s a good list of ones to look for, with a wide variety for all tastes.

A chance to start fresh. With everything blooming and turning green again, it reminds us that there’s always the chance to turn over a new leaf. Maybe you haven’t kept up with your New Year’s Resolutions, maybe you’re just ready for a change in some aspect of your life. Spring is a great season to renew focus on a goal or plan and start fresh.


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