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We’ve found that if you love your vape pen, you probably don’t enjoy being told what to do, since most vapers are trailblazers. vape pen etiquette v2 cigsFollowing the rules were never really your forte’, right? But etiquette – well, that’s a different story. The unwritten rules of vaporizer culture are really more about keepin’ it classy, and as a savvy vaper, you’re probably already following them, whether you realize it or not. In case you’re not sure what these rules are, check out our break down below…

Don’t skimp. Maybe as a young person you got a kick out of taking risks, but now that you’re a sophisticated vaper, you appreciate being able to enjoy your high-tech vape pen of choice without any glitches. You’ve learned how the device works, you understand its controls, and you’d rather do it right than risk making a costly mistake. Avoiding sub-par vaporizers, improper chargers, and stupid tampering? Big win.

Be courteous – particularly in public. It’s true, more and more cities and states are setting rules about where in public you can enjoy your vape pen. But vaping in public is still largely a self-regulated thing. For example, it’s common courtesy to avoid vaping in close quarters, or in circumstances where it would be considered questionable (the dining room of a restaurant? In line at the grocery store?). We might have the right to use a vape pen, sure – but etiquette is not dead, and vapers put others before themselves.

There’s a place for everything. Yeah, every once in a while you might misplace your keys, but, just like your wallet (or your phone), you always know where your vape pen and accompanying vaping accessories are. That’s because every serious vaper has a specific place where their pen and supplies are kept. Whether it’s in the front pocket of your shirt, hanging from a lanyard, or tucked into a case, you never forget where your vape pen lives; you just know.

No judgement. Since V2 products are intended for use by smokers, we’re united by the fact that at one time or another, every one of us has been a tobacco consumer. Many people use their vape pen as a total replacement for tobacco, while others use theirs as an alternative when lighting up is prohibited. when to use your vape pen v2 cigsEither way, vapers don’t judge someone they see smoking a traditional cigarette…although we might whip out our Series 7 to show them what they’re missing out on.

Don’t ask, don’t tell. One of the things we’re especially proud of is the 3-in-1 capabilities of our V2 Pro vape pens. Vaporizing e-liquid, loose leaf, and wax – all with one device – is just plain awesome. Your preference is no secret when your vape pen only works with one medium, but with V2 Pro, your preference is no one’s business but your own. Hard to argue with that.

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