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A Vaper’s Guide to Primary Election Coverage

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election 2016 v2 cigsTime to keep those portable vaporizers close at hand. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, it’s not too soon to brace yourself for the unique American quadrennial gauntlet known as the 2016 “Democalypse.” Without political satirists Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert to parody the insanity, we’ll need all the help we can get (though we take heed to Stewart’s recent exhortation to give his replacement a chance).

With the FDA’s position on e-cigarettes still pending, we’ll be eager to see whether candidates weigh in on regulation of e-cigarettes and other vape products – or if any of the candidates vape themselves! Meanwhile, make sure those vape pens are charged, and follow these tips for keeping your sanity this primary election season.

Prepare for invasion. Chance favors the prepared, and if you’re a seasoned election veteran, you already know the annual onslaught of ads will start sooner rather than later (especially if you’re in Iowa). If you don’t have DVR, now would be a good time to get it. Not that we mind a good political commercial. But seeing them over and over (and over) until you want to stick pins in your eyes doesn’t advance your participation in the political process.

Know the enemy. Data collection + voter registration records + government data gathering v2 cigscomplicated algorithms = targeted political strategies to reach you and influence your vote. Even seemingly innocuous apps collect shocking amounts of information about you, like who you call and e-mail (and who calls and e-mails you), what websites you visit, and even record audio and take pictures of you. (You handed over your consent when you signed up for FaceBook messenger, by the way). Long story short: Your data may be available for purchase by political campaigns trying to win your vote. Review your terms of agreement with your social media providers. And change your password frequently/cover your webcam when not in use, to prevent peeping toms (or worse) from gaining access.

Enjoy some comic relief. Who can forget Chris Christie’s 2012 Republican convention keynote address in Florida, when he spoke for almost 30 minutes and nearly forgot to mention the man of the hour, candidate Mitt Romney? It’s only early 2015, and Chris Christie has logged almost as much time outside of New Jersey as he has in it, presumably laying the groundwork for his presidential bid. election year comedy v2 cigsWhatever you may think of Mr. Christie, this larger-than-life and fascinating Jersey boy is sure to fuel lively discussion in the upcoming season.

Crush stress. When it all gets to be too much (and it will, especially if you live in Iowa), keep up on anything and everything you use to combat stress. Reward yourself with the new vape pen you’ve had your eye on. Exercise, get to sleep on time, and lay in a good supply of your favorite e-liquid, snacks and beverages. Have enough for friends, keep those debates going!

Whatever your beliefs, we urge you to exercise the right to vote. Check here for important dates, including primary voting, which begins in January 2016. And be sure to write to your elected representatives to express support for your right to vape.

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  1. Man, we are under fire up here in Pennsylvania. Living within 10 miles of Lake Erie and a beautiful state park on the Presque Isle peninsula, we got the news last week that 2 of our beaches are not only going smoke-free but it may include vape-free. Anyone who thinks that the government is your friend, needs to study the candidates very carefully. Make sure they are citizen-friendly and will get the government out of our business. We are working on the and will be looking to candidates who believe that the American Adults are adults and do not need more regulations. Senator Ted Cruz – 2016

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