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Gen X Tech Part II

Filed in Lifestyle by on May 7, 2015

For part two of our trip down memory lane, we’re taking it back a decade, to the unquestionably rad 1980s.
And we loved our tech gadgets back then as much as we loved our velour sweatshirts and Jordache jeans. It’s true, our team here at V2 works on the most cutting edge vaporizer technology around. But sometimes we miss the golden days of our 80s childhoods and the old school tech gadgets – the ones we grew up with. Here are our five favorites.

80s tech boombox v2 cigsThe boombox. It was big, it was loud, it occasionally gobbled up your cassette tapes, and it required an army of D batteries if you wanted to carry that thing around (which, of course you did). In these modern days of digital downloads and streaming online, we miss the boombox. Somehow, standing underneath the window of your crush holding up an iPod and bluetooth speaker doesn’t quite capture the romance of John Cusack’s iconic gesture in the 1989 classic Say Anything.

The VCR. What a moment it was when we were finally able to watch a movie from the comfort of our own couch! Not to mention the freedom of being able to record a show and watch it later. 80s tech vhs player v2 cigs(Did anyone else’s parents record football games while they took you and your little brother out to dinner, threatening other patrons with their lives should anyone mention the score?) Though we laugh now at those clunky VHS tapes, the videocassette recorder was truly a breakthrough in technology that only heralded the changes to come.

Atari. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can still play Ms. Pac-Man at video arcades or the occasional long-standing pizza place that never got rid of its machine. For 80s kids, these were your only options when it came to video games. And then, Atari hit the market. The days of hoarding quarters were behind us and we wore a spot on the rec room rug playing Ms. Pac-Man (for free!) until our hands cramped up. Hours upon hours were spent avoiding homework in favor of that black joystick with the big red button. We still hum the robotic, digital theme music when we’re working, sometimes.

Sony Walkman. Everyone who was anyone had one of these things growing up. And remember how later models would automatically switch sides when it reached the end of the tape? For 80s kids, not having to turn the cassette over to side two was the height of luxury. 80s tech polaroid camera v2 cigsIt meant the music didn’t stop and kept our hands free for more important things, like perfecting our Moonwalk. And if you were smart, you got the Walkman with two earphone jacks, for social listening.

Polaroid camera. Today the Polaroid has made a comeback among hipsters and camera aficionados alike, and holds a sort of comic entertainment, but back in the day it was pure magic. At a time where film had to be dropped off at the drug store to be developed, Polaroids provided instant gratification and offered the added bonus knowing your pictures wouldn’t be subject to the prying eyes of the dude working the photo lab.

What was your favorite 80s gadget? Let us know in the comments section or on the V2 Facebook page!


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