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How to Choose Your E Liquid Flavor

Filed in Vaporpedia by on May 14, 2015 0 Comments

how to choose an e liquid flavor v2 cigs
The V2 menu of flavors offers 12 core e liquid flavors that include tobaccos, menthols and specialty flavors. With such a wide variety, there’s sure to be several that suit your preference. But how do you figure out which ones those are?

For non-menthol smokers, the tobacco flavors are a great start. There are three unique tobaccos available from V2 and all can be purchased in cartridges or as an e liquid. If you prefer the taste of domestic tobacco, we suggest trying our most popular flavor, V2 Red. For smokers who enjoy the more exotic taste of middle eastern tobacco, our Sahara flavor is a great fit. And for those who would rather have a tobacco blend, the smooth taste of Congress is likely to be your favorite.

But what if you prefer the icy chill of menthol? V2 offers three cool menthol flavors; each with their own distinct flavor profile. V2 Menthol, the most popular of our menthol flavors, delivers the crisp taste of pure menthol. If you’d rather have something a little sweeter, Peppermint may be more your style. For fans of herbal teas, we suggest the cool refreshment of Green Tea Menthol.

When it comes to choosing a Specialty Flavor, let your taste buds decide. With six, mouthwatering flavors, each crafted to mimic the gourmet taste of different foods, you won’t go wrong selecting what you already know you like. Go for something sweet and order Chocolate or Vanilla. Think you’d rather have something fruity? We offer Cherry and Grape. More of a beverage person? Try Coffee or V2 Cola in e cigarette flavor cartridges or e liquid.

Next, you’ll need to decide if you want pre-filled flavor cartridges or a bottle of V2 Platinum E Liquid. If you’re a vapor veteran, you probably already know which one you want. If you’re new to the e cig scene however, we suggest starting with cartridges. how to choose an e cigarette flavor v2 cigsWhichever you choose, you’ll be happy to know that V2 has several different flavor samplers, so you can taste the flavors you think you’ll like before committing to a whole pack of cartridges or a full-sized bottle of e liquid.

If you want to stick with the tobacco or menthol flavors, we’ve got a 6-piece sampler that comes with all three of each. More interested in those sweet specialty flavors? Our 6-piece Specialty Sampler includes all six delicious food flavors. And for the person who wants to try them all (and really, isn’t variety the spice of life?), we have a 12-piece sampler that provides you with a taste of every flavor from the V2 menu. Our cartridge samplers come with one cartridge in each flavor; our e liquid samplers have each flavor in individual, 10 ML bottles.

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