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How to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

Filed in Lifestyle by on May 21, 2015

how to protect your facebook privacy v2 cigsSince vape pen fans tend to be pretty tech savvy, this might come as no surprise: keeping your Facebook page private takes some work. Privacy concerns occupy more of our time these days, especially with Facebook in a snit over stringent privacy audits in Europe. So whether this is a quick refresher or new information, take a minute and ask yourself: is your Facebook page as private as it could be?

Are photos I’m tagged in private? In a word, no. Tagged photos of you can be viewed by others, even non-“friends.” If you don’t want to be tagged in photos for the public to see, you need to control profile tags.

The fix: Select privacy settings, then “Timeline and Tagging.” The first group of settings provides an option to review tagged posts before they appear in your timeline. Click “no one” for the preference that says, “Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?” This means that the Facebook’s facial recognition software won’t suggest that friends tag you in photos that look like you…but it doesn’t prevent you from being tagged.

Are my comments private? Whether you comment on a friend’s profile or your own, all your comments are indexed and may be searchable, depending on each party’s privacy selections.

The fix: Select Activity Log (next to update info). The icons will let you know who can see the comment. You can’t change the privacy status, but you can delete the comment if you wish.

Is my profile appearing in Facebook searches? The answer is yes. All profiles are searchable by name, and Facebook created quite the stir two years ago when it did away with the privacy option of remaining unsearchable by name.

The fix: There’s no fix for being searchable by name, but you can control whether your profile is indexed by Google search. Use our other tips to keep individual items on your profile page and timeline private.

how to protect your facebook privacy v2 cigsAre my “hidden” photos, now appearing publicly? See an old photo you thought was hidden? You can thank Facebook Graph Search for blowing your cover.

The fix: From the Activity Log, select “On Timeline” and choose “hidden only” view. Manually review photos you have shared or been tagged in, and chose the privacy setting for each.

If all this seems too annoying, take a shortcut and go directly padlock in the upper right hand corner and click on “Privacy Checkup.” There’s a three-step process refreshes your memory on who can see your posts, who can see your profile information, and importantly, what apps are linked to Facebook. Chances are you don’t use many of them. If so, delete them. If you do use it, click “My permissions” to see exactly what information the app is using.

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