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The Vaporizer Community Supports the Armed Forces

Filed in Lifestyle by on May 29, 2015

vaporizer community supports veterans v2 cigsOne of our favorite things about the vaporizer community is its diversity. The Brooklyn hipster crowd is not the only group that vapes; in fact, vaporizers and e cigarettes are just as popular with members of the armed forces. At V2, we strive to give our service members the support and recognition they deserve. And with May drawing to a close, we’re taking this opportunity to focus on the men and women who put our country before themselves.

America first celebrated Armed Forces Day in 1949; the first year separate Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps days were combined. The longest running city-sponsored Armed Forces Day Parade in the U.S. is held in Bremerton, Washington, but there are many other celebrations throughout the country. In fact, the entire month of May is considered a national military appreciation month, culminating in Memorial Day on the 25th.

V2 is proud to offer active military, veterans, and first responders special offers on vaporizer products through our partnership with, the identity verification network that allows members to receive benefits online. Visit the page at for more information about our program, which includes 10 percent off all vaporizer and e cigarette products and a flat $5 shipping fee, or to sign up as military or a first responder.

For people looking to donate vaporizer e liquid and other products to the troops overseas, we recommend checking out Juice for Troops. Founded by an army veteran, Juice for Troops is dedicated to supplying deployed service members with vaping necessities. It’s a worthwhile cause and they accept donations from both businesses and individuals.

vaporizer community supports veterans v2 cigsFor those who would like to support veterans of recent conflicts, we recommend the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. This organization was founded in 2004 out of concern for the way returning veterans were being portrayed by media and treated in general. Many of our own customers have benefited from their advocacy, as they play an important role by including actual returning veterans in the public dialog about what veterans need. The IAVA is worth a shout out and a visit to their site to see how you can support them.

To all who serve or have served, we thank you.

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