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Vape Pen Technology in the Future

Filed in Lifestyle by on May 6, 2015

One of the most exciting things about working in the vape pen industry as it grows is the pace of change. From the early, three-piece electronic cigarettes to the modern vaporizers like V2 Pro, vape pen of the future v2 cigsthe vape pen marketplace is driven by technology and innovation. Like that of most other modern electronics, the vaporizer story is one of constantly expanding variety and continuous improvement.

At V2, we’re constantly trying to outdo ourselves; brainstorming features for the next generation of devices. Here are a few ideas for the vape pen experience of the future. Some are real possibilities, while others are a mix of wishful thinking and the kind of conversations you have working late with colleagues or partying with friends.

Smarter vaporizers. Yes, your favorite vape pen may get even smarter, thanks to wireless technology – expect to see a line of bluetooth products in the not-so-distant future. Imagine connecting your Series 7 with a smartphone app that tracks things like nicotine levels and refills, or notifies you of V2 promotions…it could even connect you with an entire community of dedicated vapers!

Ultrasonic vaping. This one falls into the “wishful thinking” category. We don’t know if this will come along any time soon, but the thought of heating e-liquid through ultrasound (sound wave) technology is a cool idea.

Evolved battery technologies. The lithium-ion battery is still the workhorse for most devices like e-cigarettes and smartphones, and it does a great job. Even so, future batteries driven by developing technologies may take things to another level.
Researchers are working on a host of future battery technologies, like a battery that recharges in 60 seconds; a “wearable” battery that’s foldable like paper; batteries that run on water, even a battery that runs on “skin power.” (It could harness the friction from a finger tap by use of electrodes.)


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