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Vaporizers & Millennials: A Love Affair

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If there’s one demographic that’s vocal about their love for vaporizers, it’s millennials. Always quick to adopt new technology, millennials are naturally drawn to the ever-evolving vaporizer industry, where innovation occurs at breakneck speed. This age-group represent a fascinating subset of the growing “Vaper Culture,” which encompasses the entire community of vaporizer users. Here are five characteristics member of this subset tend to have in common.

You’ve embraced the shift to vaporizers, head on. Millennials don’t simply stick their toe into the water, millennials embrace vaporizers v2 cigsthey dive in headfirst! If you’re a “cloud chaser” who prides himself on blowing bigger, thicker, longer plumes of vapor, or someone who enjoys the latest e-liquid flavors or vaporizer, you’ll be in good company at the next pro cloud chasing event.

You value form… As anyone who’s ever waited in line for the latest iPhone will tell you, millennials turn out in droves to be the first ones with the newest technology. Sure, youth and stamina likely have something to do with it, but ultimately, it’s the desire for a sleek and sexy product that prompts them to brave the elements.

…but not at the expense of function. Millennials also care about quality, which is mirrored in their preferences for artisanal chocolates and boutique coffee shops. For the most part, they’re pretty perceptive and can tell if a brand is trying to mask poor quality with flashy design. When it comes to vaporizers, style is important, but so is overall function. vaporizers millennials early adopters v2 cigs

You’re on top of industry innovation. One of the defining features of our industry is unrelenting innovation, something millennials view as par for the course. Our V2 Pro vaporizers introduced features like a magnetic locking charger and “smart” technology that recognizes each cartridge type, automatically heating to optimal temperature. Based on our customer feedback, these innovations are particularly popular among millennials, who immediately recognized these advancements as the Next Big Thing in vaporizer tech.

Does this article describe you? Then chances are, you’re a millennial vaper! What else describes your generation’s affinity for vaporizers? Tell us in the comments section or on the V2 Facebook page!