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Where to Buy E Cigarette Accessories

Filed in Lifestyle by on May 18, 2015

If you’re a tenured member of the e cigarette community, chances are that you not only know what vapor brands you prefer, you have the vaping accessories to go with them. From the practical to the just plain fun, here are our recommendations for the e cigarette fan who is ready to accessorize. where to buy e cigarette accessories v2 cigs

The V2 Lanyard. How could something as simple as a lanyard be so handy? It holds your V2 e cigarette securely but still lets you vape while the lanyard is attached. For those of us who prefer to hold the e cigarette in our teeth, the V2 lanyard offers great back-up in case you accidentally drop it. Plus, it keeps your e cigarette on-hand when you’re on the go.

The V2 iPhone Case. For those whose e cigarette is as much an extension of your body as your iPhone tends to be, the V2 iPhone case is another way to keep your e cigarette close and accessible. There’s even a slot in the back where you can store a few credit cards, or your mass transit pass for easy access. Just snap your e cigarette into the holder on the side of the case and you’ve got everything you need.

“It’s A Vape Thing” tee shirt. You know you’ve said this to a non-vaping friend or colleague, perhaps in the not-too-distant past. This shirt can join all the other graphic tees you never quite outgrew.

The V2 Metal Carry Case XL. This case is not only practical (it fits all lengths of V2 e cigarette batteries, as well as three flavor cartridges, and more) but it looks great too. We like the roomier, extra-larger version of this case because it feels a bit more substantial in our hands. Having a hard case is essential especially when traveling, to make sure your gear is kept safe and secure. where to buy e cigarette accessories v2 cigs

“Don’t Fear the Vaper” mug. Maybe you’ve said this once or twice, or maybe it’s perfect for the vaper in your life (and Father’s Day isn’t too far away). You can even store your e cigarette batteries or vape pens in it.

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