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An iPhone Case that Holds Your E Cigarette

Filed in New Products by on June 23, 2015

v2 iphone case v2 cigsEvery once in a while we stumble across a simple problem that has a really elegant solution… the V2 iPhone Case is the latest example. The product backstory is pretty common. We know that some e cigarette users keep their e-cigs handy with a lanyard. We also know that many more don’t. And because we sell a lot of replacement batteries (hey, we’re not complaining), we know – or at least suspect – that a lot of customers lose their batteries on a regular basis.

Since most workplaces are not e cigarette friendly yet, a good number of fans take a vape break the same way smokers take a smoke break. And the number one thing they bring with them is their phone. (Well, the number one thing besides their e cigarette, that is.) Likewise, a computer can typically charge an e cigarette and a phone, simultaneously. And this was our “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup moment.” Why not elevate the ubiquitous iPhone case so it can also carry your e cigarette?

Behold the V2 iPhone Case. It features a sleek design for your iPhone 5/5s (the most popular phone model in history) and provides two small brackets to hold your e cigarette. And since we designed this specifically to meet a universal need, we considered what other items the average e cigarette fan keeps on-hand at all times. The result? A narrow slot just wide enough to hold for a credit card and an ID. The V2 iPhone Case might not replace a purse, but it can hold your most important items when it’s time to streamline.

V2 is always brainstorming the next innovation that will enhance your e cigarette experience. Sometimes the solution is embedded in a pile of research and experimentation and sometimes, it’s already in the palm of your hand.


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