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Dry Herb Vaporizer: Conduction or Convection?

Filed in Vaporpedia by on June 10, 2015 0 Comments

So, you’ve decided to expand your vapor arsenal with the addition of a dry herb vaporizer. Even if you’re an old pro when it comes to enjoying e liquid, you’ll want to do your research before investing in your first herb pen. how to choose a dry herb vaporizer v2 cigsPrice, maintenance and customization need to be carefully considered. And then there’s the question of heating. Unlike traditional e-cigarettes and eliquid vapor pens, you have options when it comes to the heating mechanism of your dry herb vaporizer. Conduction or convection: what’s the difference?

how to choose a dry herb vaporizer v2 cigsConduction. The most common type of heating, conduction warms via direct contact. This means that the cartridge of your dry herb vaporizer is heated and transfers that heat to the material inside, producing vapor. When you fry an egg, you’re using conduction heating; the frying pan becomes hot, cooking the egg. This type of heating is used in most dry leaf pens and is preferred for its reliability and faster heat-up time.

Convection. With convection heating, the air surrounding the material in your dry herb vaporizer cartridge is heated, turning that material into vapor. This is the type of heating used by a blow dryer; how to choose a dry herb vaporizer v2 cigsa heating mechanism inside the dryer warms the air which then transfers heat to your hair, drying it. While convection heating tends to vaporize the material in your cartridge more evenly than conduction, it will take longer for your device to heat up to vaporizing temperature. You may also find that this type of heating produces less vapor, depending on the density of your leaf ingredient.

If you decide to invest in a convection dry herb vaporizer, prepare for a little sticker shock – convection pens are expensive. They can also be finicky and may not hold up with with regular use. Additionally, the hardware needed for this type of heating can cause the vape pen to be bulkier than a conduction vapor pen. While the connoisseur may gravitate more towards the newer technology of convection, a first-time buyer is better off sticking with the proven (and more affordable) conduction option.

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