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How Do You Smoke a Vape Pen?

Filed in Vaporpedia by on June 3, 2015 0 Comments

how to smoke a vape pen v2 cigsTransitioning from combustible tobacco products to a vape pen can be a confusing process. Technical terms, vape culture vernacular and even basic components are often less than intuitive. The term “smoke” is a misnomer; because no combustion = no smoke. So, how do you use a vape pen? Here’s a crash course.

Vape. Whether you love it or hate it, the term “vape” is here to stay. You don’t smoke a vape pen, you vape a um, vape pen. And this term applies across to the entire spectrum of vaporizer products, including e cigarettes.

Battery. Because a vape pen relies on electricity to produce vapor, every device has a battery component. When activated, the battery powers an atomatizer which heats e liquid (or dry herb or wax) to the temperature at which that material vaporizes. Most vapor pens utilize lithium ion batteries; either disposable or rechargeable. Device with rechargeable batteries (like V2 Pro) have the battery built into the vape pen itself. So, when you recharge your device, you’re actually recharging the battery.

E-Liquid & Concentrates. Most vape pens that work with e liquid or waxes feature an activation button. Fill the e liquid or wax cartridge with your favorite flavor or concentrate and attach it to the vape pen (make sure you charge the pen first). To use the vape pen, just push the button and inhale. Because of the consistency of liquids and waxes, the vape pen is able to heat to the right temperature almost instantly, producing vapor. Depending on the experience your’re looking for, you may want to push the button for a second or two before puffing. This is known as “priming” and is the best way to get the thickest vapor clouds possible.

Dry Herb. To smoke a dry herb vape pen, you’ll need to allow the device to warm up first. The heat up times required to vaporize herb vary widely between similar-looking pens; this is something to consider when purchasing your herb vape pen. Generally, vape pens for herb do not require you to push the activation button once they’ve reached optimal temperature. Just push the button once you’ve attached your filled dry herb cartridge and wait for your device to heat. When your vape pen has completed its warm up cycle, puff freely; the pen will cutoff on its own. Like heat-up times, cutoff times differ between devices, ranging anywhere from one minute to around three. The cutoff function prevents accidental use and helps to extend the life of the battery between charges. If your vape pen cuts off before you’re done using it, simply push the button to reactivate the heat cycle.

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