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Know Your E Liquid Flavors

Filed in Vaporpedia by on June 15, 2015

Vapers love the wide variety of e liquid flavors they have to choose from. They’re like apps for your smartphone. Flavors enhance the vaporizer experience. And the best part – there’s a flavored e liquid to suit every mood and occasion, allowing for real personalization.
Here we review some of the most popular flavor categories.

e liquid flavors v2 cigs
Tobacco. The choice of many traditionalists, the bold and confident. Beginners often start with a rich, robust traditional tobacco e liquid flavor. Most will branch out to experience different flavors, but many happily prefer to stay in this category.

e liquid flavors v2 cigs
Menthol. This category is very popular, especially for those who smoked menthol cigarettes. It’s desired by those seeking a cool, crisp, refreshing e liquid flavor. Menthol vapers have a wide range of icy variations to choose from, with some preferring the added sweetness of peppermint and similar blends.

e liquid flavors v2 cigs
Fruit. These e liquid flavors run the gamut from grape and cherry to passion fruit or dragon berry. They can be a single-note flavor, like key lime, or a compound, strawberry banana. There is no shortage of interesting combinations. Fruit vapers tend to eschew the menthol and tobacco e liquid flavors in favor of something sweeter.

e liquid flavors v2 cigs
Dessert. This decadent e liquid category could conceivably replace real dessert. No, seriously. Let the thought of these luscious creations sink into your consciousness. Crème Brulee. Dark Chocolate. And really, what refined palate could resist Mint Chocolate Truffle?

e liquid flavors v2 cigs
Beverages. Great for after meals, instead of (or in addition to) a coffee break. Beverage e liquid fans enjoy flavors ranging from Coffee to cola. And let’s not forget those five o’clock favorites like Mojito , Sambuca and Piña Colada

There are more flavors out there than we can keep track of, so rest assured your taste buds will never be bored. As with most things, your favorite e liquid flavors will come down to personal preference, your mood, and the moment. Be bold, be experimental – who knows what you’ll find.

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