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Spotlight on the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer

Filed in New Products by on June 22, 2015

v2 pro series 3 vaporizer v2 cigsIn July 2014, we introduced a brand new vaporizer product line called V2 Pro. The result of nearly two years of research and development, V2 Pro represents our continued to commitment to innovation in the realms of design and performance. The heart of the product line is a series of vape pens.

Our first V2 Pro product is Series 3. Like all V2 Pro products, the Series 3 vaporizer is designed to work with three mediums: e-liquid, dry herb and wax. The three-in-one capability was an industry first. And so were the drop-in magnetically coupled cartridges. When we envisioned these new vaporizers, we didn’t use an off-the-shelf design. We created something new, from the ground up, to exceed the needs of vaporizer users and to solve some critical problems that plagued alternative products, such as the popular eGo style devices.

EGo devices utilize a refillable e-liquid tank. This tank connects to the battery by traditional threading – the two pieces are screwed together. This type of connection makes an eGo especially vulnerable to leakage and breakage. By contrast, the Series 3 vaporizer has a singular aluminum body with a recess at the top where the e-liquid (or other) cartridge is dropped in. The magnetic connection holds the vaporizer cartridge securely in place, virtually eliminating leaks, while the body of Series 3 resists bends and breaks.

Once a new functional design for the vaporizer was realized, we were able to focus on aesthetics and on new, distinctive features. For instance, beyond the sleek profile of the device itself, the innovative drop-in cartridges are smart. They tell the vaporizer battery how much heat or voltage is required, based on the medium contained within the cartridge. And since the brains are in the cartridge, if a new medium is introduced tomorrow, we can simply design a compatible cartridge for it without requiring Series 3 fans to buy a new vaporizer.

An overarching design philosophy for V2 Pro is ease of use. The cartridges simply drop in; it is impossible to cross-thread them, since there are no threads. And the USB charging cord connects in the same fashion. The charger simply breaks away from the Series 3 vaporizer if somebody pulls too hard on the unit. No more bent USB tabs or worse. Lastly, ease of use also means enjoying Series 3 whenever you’d like, so this vaporizer is designed for pass-through operation, allowing you to fully access its capabilities while it’s connected and charging.

Shortly after its introduction, Series 3 became the fastest selling product in company history and remains our number one vaporizer. However, the introduction of Series 7, the next V2 Pro offering, may make that title short lived!

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