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Vapor Pens and Other Gifts for Dad

Filed in Lifestyle by on June 5, 2015

vapor pens and other gifts for fathers day v2 cigsWe all know Dads can be the toughest to shop for: if they vape, the probably have their own vapor pens (we’re including a few, anyway); if they don’t, they’ll say they don’t need anything (and they probably mean it).
But we believe it’s important to show Dad how much we care…with ties, socks and $10 gift cards. Just kidding! This is the year we give Dad something he’ll really be excited about. Something he’ll actually use and doesn’t already have. Here are our top picks for what to give this Father’s Day…

A Cordless Power Drill ($89.99). Sure, he’s already got a drill, but Dad can definitely use another one, especially if it is a powerful cordless drill. Our choice is this Craftsman model sold by Sears. It’s hard-working, smart and has a nice weight to it – just like your dad! This drill features a well-placed light for tough-to-see spots.vapor pens and other gifts for fathers day v2 cigs

DIY Beer Labels ($11.99). Father’s Day is possibly the one day of the year when it’d be cool to put your dad’s face on a beer bottle. Or, get nostalgic, and print up some old baby photos of you and your dad and slap them on his favorite brew. With these neat DIY Beer Labels, you can do just that. Then, throw some meat on the grill and you’ve got the best Father’s Day ever.

The Homemade Gin Kit ($49.95). Take the do-it-yourself movement one step further with this awesome DIY gin-making kit. This kit comes with everything you need to turn a regular bottle of vodka into your own delicious home blend of bathtub gin.

An Electronic Label Maker ($29.99). We don’t know why, but Dads seem to love label makers. Maybe it’s because they spent a good part of their lives trying to keep order in the house while we were growing up. vapor pens and other gifts for fathers day v2cigsThis model is made by Brother and sold at Staples; we like it for its clean design and wide variety of symbols and patterns to choose from. Your dad will like it because he’ll finally be able to organize his tool box.

Vapor Pens Even if he’s already got one, we can all agree that you can’t have too many vapor pens. Whether he prefers to fill his own vapor pens or leans more toward the convenience of prefilled cartridges, we’ve got a gift bundle that delivers. Check out these cool Father’s Day bundles from V2.

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