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Vaporizer Culture & Style

Filed in Lifestyle by on June 9, 2015

Vaporizer culture consists of a melting pot of different individuals who come together to share their love for all things vaporizer. This subculture features diverse styles and fashion preferences, with one thing in common – a passion for vapor. Look around any vaporizer conference or vape shop and you’re sure to see some of these of these very unique stereotypes…are you one of them?

vaporizer culture v2 cigsThe Hipster
Plaid shirt, partially untucked? Check. Beard that would make Paul Bunyan jealous? Check. Vaporizer with nonsensical Chinese characters? Double check. Hipsters have infiltrated everything, from the farmer’s market to baby furniture, so it’s only natural they would make their way into vaporizer culture. They’re doing to vape stores what their Gen X counterparts did to coffee shops a decade ago. In a few years, vape shops may even become the new hipster haven.
vaporizer culture v2 cigs

The All-American Independent
We’ve all seen this guy or gal, since they’re hard to miss. Decked out in enough patriotic SWAG to make Uncle Sam jealous, the All-American Independent is known to sport the constitution on the back of his “Don’t Tread On Me” shirt while soap-boxing about how the federal government is denying him the right to liberty (read: vape). A likely owner of the V2 Pro Series 7, our newest, most powerful vaporizer.

vaporizer culture v2 cigsThe Fashionista
Usually a woman, but not always (think aging metro-sexual), the vaporizer fashionista wears the latest designer swag with a twist — all their accessories cater to electronic cigarettes. That means the beautifully finished leather purse or the cashmere iPhone cover are specifically made to hold a vaporizer. vaporizer culture v2 cigs

The Techie
These folks view vaping as more of a science than an art, and have likely devised some of the most advanced vaporizers in the market. They’ll often wear “nerd humor” shirts and like to tout their background in programming. This male-dominated group is leery of anyone who doesn’t get coding vernacular, so engage at your own risk.

vaporizer culture v2 cigsActual Hippies
Yes they still exist, and, no, they didn’t all leave their brains at Woodstock. These men and women vapers are usually the most colorful of the group, literally sporting homemade tie-dye t-shirts and carrying a vaporizer shaped like a miniature sitar. In an ironic twist, they’ll often be found chastising the Hipster Vapers for being too “mainstream.” They may be partial to any vaporizer that is compatible with “loose leaf.”

Do you know of a vaporizer counterculture group that we missed? Let us know in the comments section or on the V2 Facebook page!


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