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What Your Vaporizer & Tesla have in Common

Filed in Lifestyle by on June 4, 2015

vaporizer fans love tesla v2 cigsMembers of the vaporizer community and Tesla fans are a great match. Why? Both products represent the best in technology innovation. They may look very different, but each is derived from a hugely popular mass-market product that was shown over a period of years to have unintended consequences. Combustion-based toxins from conventional cigarettes and noxious emissions from gas guzzling automobiles both pollute the environment – threatening the well-being of every living thing on the planet.

The vaporizer and the Tesla demonstrate that with time, ingenuity, and persistence, technology can improve the goods and services we rely on while mitigating harmful impacts. This is good news. But there aspects of Tesla that seem familiar to us.

Nerd quotient. This car is connected. Gone are the knobs and dials. The Tesla has a 17-inch touch screen that transforms your car and your gadgets into an office and entertainment center, if needed. The door handles “disappear” when the car is in motion. The atmosphere reeks of the future (or Vanilla, depending on what flavor e liquid you have in your vaporizer).

vaporizer fans love tesla v2 cigsFun. Green though it may be, the Tesla is still a high-performance sports car. It handles like a dream. It accelerates from 0-60mph in under 4 seconds. With windows open, expect your face to be deformed by the on-coming jet stream (and we suggest putting the vaporizer down while accelerating).

Security. Tesla may well be the world’s safest car, largely due to the drivetrain that lowers the center of gravity, thus improving handling and reducing rollover risk. During a safety test intended to assess crush vulnerability, the Model S actually broke the machine trying to crush it. That’s one tough vehicle.

Looks matter. It’s said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s hard to imagine anyone not trembling with joy at the sight of a Tesla. And it’s quiet – absolutely silent. If you open the hood – there’s no engine. Just a trunk, or, as it’s affectionately called, a frunk (front trunk). Best of all? It’s made in the USA.


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