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First Date Vaporizer Etiquette

Filed in Lifestyle by on July 1, 2015

With vaporizer use becoming more mainstream every day, chances are you have no reservations about vaping on a first or second date – and rightfully so. It’s important, however, to remember that, for the uninitiated, your vaporizer may seem new, odd or even cultish. When it’s early in a dating relationship, or if you’re dating around quite a bit, it’s a good idea to be mindful of good vaping etiquette.

Below are a few rules any dignified vaporizer fan should follow when on a date.

Do ask before vaping. Maybe your date is part of the vapor community as well, but if not, be sure she’s comfortable before pulling out your awesome new vaporizer. If it hasn’t come up before, you may need to explain a little about vaping and how it works.

vaporizer etiquette for dating v2 cigsDon’t make your vaporizer the focus of all conversation. We like to talk up vaping when given the opportunity; in fact, we could talk about our vaporizer all day long. It’s great to be able to answer questions, but it’s not in your best interest to be obsessive or to evangelize about vaping all the time. Play it cool and low-key. Talk about her. Chick dig that.

Don’t flout the rules. If there’s a regulation – and it doesn’t matter if it’s city, county or state – that prevents vaporizer use, follow it. vaporizer etiquette for dating v2 cigsYou’re not being a rebel or a vapers’ rights advocate by breaking the rules, even when er, if they make no sense. In fact, you could be damaging the credibility of vaporizer and e cigarette proponents and you’ll look foolish if you’re asked to leave a bar or restaurant. Pay particular attention in large metro areas where, regrettably, oftentimes vaporizer use is banned everywhere smoking is, though there won’t always be signs telling you that.
vaporizer etiquette for dating v2 cigs

Excuse yourself for a vapor break at your own risk. If you’re somewhere where vaporizer use isn’t welcome, it’s might not a good idea to leave your date at the bar or at your table while you go outside for a quick vapor break. Even if it’s at the end of a leisurely dinner and she’s cool with it. After all, you never know who might try to chat her up when she’s left to fly solo.


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