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Supporting the Switch to E Cigarettes

Filed in Lifestyle by on July 15, 2015

making the switch to e cigarettes v2 cigsThere are a wide variety of reasons to make the switch to e cigarettes. Many people make the initial decision for obvious reasons (skyrocketing cost of tobacco products, not to mention the smell of stale smoke, plus the growing number of restrictions on where you can light up). There are also issues that arise between couples when one person smokes and the other does not. If you’re not familiar with e cigarettes and you’re dating someone who’s decided to make the switch, fear not! Here are a few tips to keep you educated and your partner on-track.

Come up with fun distractions. Whip up something delicious, suggest a new way to exercise or tackle something challenging together – paint a room, grow a garden, catch a movie or throw down at a music festival. These activities are good for a relationship anyway, and we should probably all be doing more things together.

Get knowledgeable about e cigarettes. Did you know that there are varying levels of nicotine available when purchasing e cigarettes? If your experience with tobacco or e cigarettes is limited, there is a ton of information at your disposal. Get current on how e cigarettes are regulated and learn the ins and outs of vaporizer culture (spoiler alert: it gets pretty high tech).

Buy e cigarette-related gifts! Nothing says “I love you no matter how you smell” like cool accessories. Shop for carrying cases for e cigarettes, shirts, e cig lanyards and most fun of all, different flavored e-liquids.

Throw an e cigarette party. These can be fun, social ways for your partner and friends to compare e cigarettes, and if you plan well, everyone will have fun – vapers and non-vapers alike. One great idea is to pair your snacks and drinks with flavored e-liquids. And if you really want to impress, create your own “juice bar” by setting out a variety of e liquid flavors for everyone to try!


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