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E-Cig Ends Police Standoff with Armed Assailant

Filed in News & Politics by on August 17, 2015

V2 customers know the comfort of an e-cig, especially in nerve-racking situations. From the physicality of vaping, to the enjoyment of a particular flavor or nicotine level, vaping can help calm people down and relieve their stress during tough situations. A recent incident between one resident and police in Soap Lake, Washington proved just that.

ecig ends police standoff with gunmanA standoff between Soap Lake police and Jason B. McIlwain, a 32-year-old armed man, occurred a few days ago in the Lakeview community. The alleged gunman had fired shots at two people earlier in the day, which caused local residents to call the police. Once the police got involved, the suspect fled, leading to an on-foot police chase near Soap Lake. During the chase, McIlwain ran and tried to hide in an area filled with trees and other wildlife. The ensuing standoff resulted in the Moses Lake Regional Tactical Response Team and crisis negotiators being called, in an effort to contain the suspect. During the stalemate between McIlwain and police, McIlwain continued to fire; the three additional gunshots reverberating from his hiding place and escalating panic within the community.

This is where the story took a bizarre turn—McIlwain attempted to negotiate with officials by asking for a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Because of the densely wooded area, police denied the gunman’s request, suspecting he may light the surrounding wildlife on fire. Fortunately, one of the crisis negotiators remembered that an e-cig is non-combustible and only produces vapor, rather than smoke. He immediately suggested they offer an e-cig as an alternative to the ignitable tobacco the suspect requested. The crisis control team agreed. McIlwain accepted the e-cig and after a few minutes of vaping, he agreed to submit to authorities without further incident (much to the relief of both authorities and Lakeview residents).

Many factors can lead to high levels of induced stress and when those problems are not addressed, irrational thinking and unfortunate situations can arise. Fortunately for the alleged gunman, and millions of people across the world, the e-cig and other vapor products are a great tool for stress relief. Several research studies have shown that nicotine is believed to mimic the action of a naturally occurring compound in the human brain called acetylcholine, which works like a neurotransmitter. This chemical has been proven in various studies to help reduce stress and pain of individuals dealing with neurological disorders, like ADHS, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and depression. This could be the reason that the gunman calmed down, felt better and made more rational decisions once he vaped the e-cig.

Although additional details are still surfacing about McIlwain’s standoff with police, this story is a fascinating example as to how an e-cig can help people deal with the stress that life can send their way…or that they create for themselves!

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