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E-Cig Studies & Stories

Filed in News & Politics by on August 27, 2015 0 Comments

In the e-cig business, every week brings new developments on the regulatory front, as well as fresh research about e-cigarettes. It’s important for e-cig advocates to be well informed so we can be intelligent participants in the public conversation about vaping.

Vaping “95 Percent Safer Than Smoking”

new e-cig study in the uk v2 cigsThe big story creating buzz recently is about a comprehensive new study out of England. Headlines announced that “E-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco” (not to mention “40 percent cheaper than smoking.”) The report, published by Public Health England (the official department of health in the United Kingdom), said the “public health opportunities” of these devices should be maximized, and went so far as to recommend e-cig options be available alongside nicotine replacement therapies for smokers looking to quit.

To be fair, the report claimed an e-cig was unequivocally safer than a combustible cigarette, but it admits they are not without risk. It reiterates our view that because nicotine is addictive, e-cigarettes should only be used by current smokers – another fair point, and in alignment with how we believe an e-cig should be used. Both points provide the kind of balance that make the report even stronger, in our opinion.

As perhaps the first conclusive study to suggest that vaping does, in fact, help people who are looking for an alternative to combustible cigarettes, this report is huge – and we hope it serves to influence the FDA’s position on e-cig use as it prepares to enact its deeming regulations.

Nicotine Gets A Nod From UK Health Authority

In another report out of England recently (we’re sensing a trend, here), the United Kingdom’s Royal Society for Public Health said encouraging smokers to use an e-cig instead would “make a big difference to the public’s health,” and is no more harmful than the public’s existing caffeine addiction.

The report also provides some balance, saying it doesn’t address all concerns surrounding nicotine, but argues for nicotine devices like the e-cig as an alternative to regular tobacco. The Royal Society also urges all shops that sell regular tobacco to sell e-cigarettes and other nicotine replacement products alongside combustible cigarettes.

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