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E Liquid Spotlight: V2 Menthol

Filed in New Products by on August 5, 2015

v2 menthol e liquid Since we officially launched V2 in 2009, V2 Menthol has been our number one e liquid and cartridge flavor. In fact, it is so popular, that many smokers and vapers who never used menthol before have made it their go-to flavor.

Why is V2 Menthol so popular?

It’s cool. It’s minty. It’s crisp. It’s, well, so perfectly menthol. More importantly, V2 Menthol e liquid embodies the V2 brand promise: Taste, Trust & Technology. First and foremost, the taste of menthol is authentic; an e liquid formulation that is exactly what customers expect. When providing a flavor-based product, nothing is more important than getting the flavor right. V2 Menthol is pitch-perfect.

Like all of our flavors, customers can download all of the ingredients used to create V2 Menthol. And by using the Batch Number found on the packaging you can also download a quality control report, detailing all of the tests we perform to ensure the e liquid meets the most exacting standards.

The technology in V2 Menthol is harder to see, but it is there in process control we use to ensure every batch is remarkably consistent and in the pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Furthermore, all of our e liquid is designed to work best with authentic V2 e-cigarettes, blanks and vaporizers.

V2 Menthol is available in five nicotine strengths and in Classic or EX pre-filled cartridges. And for open system fans, it is also available in 25ML or 50ML e liquid bottles. Give V2 Menthol a try today, maybe it will become your favorite too.

Already a fan of V2 Menthol and looking for a little added variety? Give our other two menthol flavors a try! Refreshing Green Tea Menthol is a favorite with Menthol and non-Menthol fans, alike. This unique flavor combines the chill of menthol with the taste of freshly brewed green tea; a few puffs and you’ll be feeling zen in no time. Prefer something a little sweeter? Peppermint may be more your speed. Great after a meal or whenever you could use a sweet treat!

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