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ECig Trend Predictions by V2 CEO Jan Verleur

Filed in News & Politics by on August 6, 2015

v2 co-founder and ceo jan verleurIf you’re a dedicated vaper, chances are you started by trying a disposable ecig, the products we call “cigalikes.” Many vapers then move on to more powerful devices, like those we call open-system vaporizers. OSVs are popular because they offer longer battery life than the typical ecig and are easier to customize according to personal preferences.

The continuous innovation in the vapor industry is what keeps us fascinated; unlike combustible cigarettes, this is a business that’s driven by technology, and ecig technology, like other types, just keeps on getting better.

Our very own V2 co-founder and CEO, Jan Verleur, has weighed in on ecig industry trends in an opinion piece for, a widely read trade publication.

In the article Verleur outlines where he sees the ecig industry going, as we head in to the second half of 2015. The market for open system vaporizers, which actually overtook e-cigarettes this year, will continue to grow. Innovation will deliver better quality and more affordable OSVs, making them more accessible; and the industry will see record investments in research and development, as the ecig and vaping industry continues to mature.

“As innovation continues and affordable OSVs at retail become more widely available, prices will continue to fall,” Verleur wrote. “It’s a common trend in technology products, from smartphones to fitness monitors; vaporizers will experience a similar democratization, with high-powered products available at all price points. And like smartphones, there will always be higher-end, higher-priced products available as a result of innovation.”

In predicting continued improvement in both ecig and vaporizer tech, Verleur added: “The long-term outlook will be determined by consumer demand, manufacturer innovation and, yes, regulatory decisions.”

To get the complete inside scoop, you can read the full article online here.

Where do you think the ecig and vaporizer industry is headed? Tell us in the comments or on the V2 Facebook page!

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