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How Many E Cigarettes Should You Have On-Hand?

Filed in Lifestyle by on August 25, 2015 0 Comments

how many e cigarettes do you need v2 cigsWhether you are a newbie or a V2 veteran, having a fully stocked pile of e cigarettes is a necessity. You never want to be at work or out with friends and realize you don’t have the right e-liquid or battery to complement your vaping desires. Certain cartridges, flavors, batteries and accessories are required for different occasions and it’s our job to help you be a savvy & prepared V2 vaper!

Stuck in traffic? The V2 Power-Cig is the ultimate vapor machine and unlike other e cigarettes, you don’t have to worry about losing power during a long commute to or from work. Out on the town and want access to plenty of e-liquid without having to carry a huge tank? The V2 Pro Series 3 is sleek, smaller than most e cigarettes and holds a ton of delicious V2 e-liquid. If you want to be even more discrete and considerate about your vaping tendencies when out, a shorty battery (67 mm) or a standard battery (79 mm) will offer enough power to vape for the night. When stocking up on V2 batteries, we always recommend to get at least one automatic and manual battery to see which suit your personal vaping preferences. Automatic batteries are generally easier to use so we always recommend them for new vapers. As you continue to get more acclimated with e cigarettes, manual batteries are another great option that can offer more power for vaping over a longer period of time.

One bonus of vaping with V2 is customizing your e cigarettes, with a variety of battery colors, and flavor cartridges with correlating colors to choose from. This is the fun part of vaping—show your true personality when compiling your V2 arsenal with pink, black, steel, metallic blue or black batteries. Mix them with colorful pre-filled cartridges or EX Blanks and an assortment of V2 Platinum E-Liquid. To make sure you never run out of e cigarettes, we always recommend customers buy in bulk and keep at least a month or two worth of supplies on-hand.

Having at least three batteries in your V2 stockpile is the smartest way to make sure you always have a charged battery, ready to go for any occasion. Save money and load up on pre-filled flavor cartridges with a V2 Flavor Cartridge 80-Pack; you can even mix and match your preferred flavors and nicotine strengths. For most customers, this is an ideal number of cartridges and enough to last several months, depending on their vaping style. Once you get more experienced, having three charged V2 e cigarettes, plus a vaporizer will become a necessity – anything less and you deal with the stress of possibly running out. If you’re like us, e cigarettes and Netflix are match made in heaven. For marathon viewing, we recommend getting comfy with a V2 Pro Series 3 or Series 7. The V2 Pro line of vape pens offer such sleek and innovative design, you will likely want to bring yours out as your go-to vaporizer when you get more comfortable with the vaping process.

Once you have all of your preferred V2 e cigarettes and vaping products, remember to store them in a cool and secure place where minors or strangers will not have access. Many V2 customers make or buy cool boxes to store all of their V2 goodies. Get creative and have fun with your vaping arsenal!

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