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The Current ECig Regulatory Climate

Filed in News & Politics by on August 21, 2015 1 Comment

ecig regulations for 2015 v2 cigsWith the ecig industry now predicted to top $10 billion annually by 2017, calls for regulation are louder than ever. The FDA’s regulations for the industry are expected to be unveiled later this summer, requiring federal approval for nearly all flavored liquid nicotine juices and ecig devices sold in vape shops. In the meantime, municipalities and elected officials continue to try to set rules at the local level, and private groups continue to survey, study, and debate the benefits and drawbacks of vaping.

With so much activity on so many fronts, it can be challenging to stay on top of new developments that might affect you. To help you stay informed, here’s a recap of stories you might have missed.

State Attorneys General Get Aggressive on ECig Companies, Reuters
In a widely distributed story, Reuters reported that more than a dozen attorneys general, including those in New York and California, are putting pressure on the ecig industry by aggressively pushing new state and local laws. The strategy has affected everyone from small neighborhood vape shops to big tobacco companies who have entered the ecig market.

FDA Cloud Hangs Over Vape Shops, Wall Street Journal
In another high-profile story, the Wall Street Journal provided an overview of how the FDA’s pending regulations are causing vape shops to anticipate big changes, even before the finalized legislation is officially announced.

Tampa-based Center gets $3.6 million grant to study electronic cigarettes, Tampa Bay Times
With many calls for more research on the health effects of vaping, every new and substantial study is highly anticipated. The Tampa Bay Times reports that this nonprofit center will use the National Institutes of Health grant to conduct a five-year study focusing on two things: the safety of ecig use for vapers, and how effective ecigs are as a tool to help quit smoking.

House Bill Aims For Less ECig Regulation, CBS News
A new bill from House republicans seeks to avoid requiring pre-market reviews of ecig and vapor products that are already on the market, CBS and other outlets reported. The FDA’s pending regulations, scheduled to be completed later this summer, propose that existing ecig brands undergo a new review process retroactively; companies would have two years to submit to the review process. Weighs In On Vaping Etiquette in the Workplace
You’ve made the switch to ecig use and are a loyal devotee: but are you allowed to vape in your cubicle at work? This was the burning question for in its recent story. While some employers are more flexible, allowing vapers to vape at work is still “very rare,” according to a labor and employment attorney quoted in the piece.

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  1. Steven McGowin says:

    No matter what it is, people will try to tell you what to do and what you can not do. There are a lot of people who do not want you to enjoy yourself. If they see you happy and they are not then they will try to make you unhappy like they are. I am sure you have heard that saying: Misery loves company.Well, there you have it. Miserable people really love having you as their company. I have a short story the I witnessed because I was a part of it, After they passed the law that you can not smoke at all in restaurants, a few of them opened up outside dining to accommodate patrons who smoked a section where they could enjoy their food and at the same time enjoy their cigarettes, Well , before you know it, the nonsmokers wanted to eat outside, also. And with these miserable nonsmokers came the complaints about the smokers disturbing them as they did when smokers were allowed to smoke inside. There would not have been an outside dining if it wasn’t for the smokers because they opened that area for the smokers, but still, these miserable people had to follow the smokers outside to try and make it miserable again for the smokers. So, there you go. No matter what you do, there will always be opposition from the people who have nothing better to do than make your life like theirs, miserable. Thank you. I hope I didn’t bore you with my story.

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