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The V2 Power-Cig Electronic Cigarette Kit

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electronic cigarette starter kit spotlight v2 power-cig v2 cigsIf you are looking for a durable electronic cigarette that is a serious vapor machine, this week’s starter kit spotlight is for you! Our infamous V2 Power-Cig Starter Kit comes with 1 V2 Power-Cig and 1 5-pack V2 Classic Flavor Cartridge with your choice of any V2 flavor. Although the list of items in this start kit is short, the V2 Power Cig is an affordable and valuable electronic cigarette that will satisfy your vaping needs in the car, at work, or while at home lounging with your laptop or select tablets.

What most V2 fans love about this kit is the fact that it comes with easy-to-use prefilled classic cartridges and always produces thick vapor, refreshing vapor. The thick vapor production from the V2 Power-Cig is always consistent because it is constantly connected to a power source. All you have to do is plug the Power-Cig into a USB port located on a tablet, computer, car charger outlet or V2 wall adapter.

The best part about this electronic cigarette Starter Kit is that it requires no technical or electronic cigarette know-how. All you have to do is open the box, screw on a V2 classic flavor cartridge, plug the USB end into a USB port and start vaping! For those of you who love to sit in vapor clouds and take in the wonderful fragrance of your V2 Platinum E-Liquid vapor flavor, this is by far a smart purchase for an affordable price.

The V2 Power-Cig’s spiral cord allows you to easily move around your car, desk area or home living space while vaping due to its length. For people who demand convenience and substantial vapor production, this is the kit to try! Thousands of members on our official V2 Forum have raved about the Power-Cig as their go-to electronic cigarette for work and home usage.

If you are ready to experience powerful vapor production without the need to recharge, get this week’s electronic cigarette starter kit spotlight and see what vapers across the world have been raving about!