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5 Places Where You’re Free to Enjoy that ECig

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places where your ecig is allowed v2 cigsWith so much misinformation being spread about ecig and vapor products, many local and state legislators are introducing and passing new legislation that restricts or completely bans vapers from using their ecig products. At V2, we advocate for always educating others with the real facts as they relate to ecig and vaporizer industry. In addition, we are always communicating with our loyal customers to stay on top of the various vapor laws and ordinances put into place across the United States, in an effort to follow those rulings. With so many new laws and regulations popping up all over the country, we wanted to remind our beloved V2 fans of a few places that they can still vape!

Your car – If you live in a major city like Miami, Washington D.C. or Los Angeles, you may have an intense commute to and from work every day. For those of us who don’t take public transportation, we’re still free to enjoy an ecig in our personal vehicles. And since you never know how bad traffic might get, we always suggest bringing along a full tank of V2 Platinum E-Liquid to make the ride a bit more relaxing.

At home – Who doesn’t love puffing on their ecig in the comfort of their own home? Unlike traditional tobacco smoke, the vapor produced from electronic cigarettes and vape pens is practically odorless and evaporates within seconds. For this reason, you can pair your ecig with a movie or a good book and not worry about the ash and odor that results from combustible tobacco. Of course, we strongly urge you to avoid ecig use in enclosed spaces where there are children and pets. Always make sure your ecig cartridges, batteries, chargers and e-liquids are kept in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children.

A tailgate party – Now that football season is in full effect, vaping your delicious V2 Platinum E-Liquid while eating and reminiscing over college days and your favorite sports players is what Sundays were made for. (And Mondays. And sometimes Saturdays.) No matter where your tailgate party is, we always advise V2 vapers to check with the local private business or district on rules related to ecig use on public and private lots.

Your backyard – Whether you are throwing a birthday party for a buddy or celebrating a great American holiday with a great American BBQ, the privacy of your own backyard is a great place to enjoy your V2 ecig.

Bars where smoking is allowed…and even some where it isn’t! – Here in Miami, there are still many bars and clubs that allow smoking. Maybe it’s the warm weather or the relaxed vacation-like atmosphere, but we also have many bars that permit ecig use, even though smoking is not allowed. Sure, you probably don’t feel like sitting in a smokey bar once you’ve made the switch to V2, but man, it is nice to sit down with a cocktail inside a bar and enjoy an ecig.

Do you have favorite ecig -friendly place that wasn’t mentioned on this list? Make sure to share your suggestion with your fellow V2 vapers in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this post with your fellow ecig fans on Facebook and Twitter!

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