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Tasty E-Liquid Flavors for Fall

Filed in New Products by on September 3, 2015 0 Comments

fall e-liquid flavor blends v2 cigsSay goodbye to the sparkling, fruity e-liquid flavors of summer and get ready for a new season! Labor day weekend has come and gone, and September 23, known as autumnal fall equinox to meteorologists, or the first day of fall to the rest of us, is right around the corner! If you’re tired of the summer heat, humidity and all the pressure that comes along with bathing suit season, you must be as excited as us about the fall season! Fall is one of our favorite seasons because it is filled with yummy fall treats, holidays, coffee flavors and V2 platinum e-liquid combinations!

The e-liquid combinations that we enjoy in the summer significantly differ compared to the flavors that we vape in the fall; our summer e-liquid mixes are typically fruity, light and tangy. For the fall season, we’ve devised a list of 5 delicious V2 Platinum E-liquid mixes that offer smooth, rich and warm feelings to match the cool weather.

1. Spicy Marshmallow : If you have a sweet tooth like many of us in the V2 office, you’ll want to try V2 Platinum Vanilla! Better yet, when you mix 50% of V2 Vanilla with 50% of our rich and spicy Zig-Zag™ Clove E-Liquid, you will discover a warm and sweet flavor that reminds you of the autumn leaves falling and cool weather.

2. Autumn Pop: For all of you soda fans out there, we had to create at least one e-liquid mix that included our infamous V2 Cola. Pair 50% of V2 Cola e-liquid and 50% of Zig-Zag Clove e-liquid for a crisp and luscious vape session. Remember that all Zig-Zag E-Liquid flavors sold on are available in 1.8% nicotine strength, which means it can add an extra kick of vape and flavor for those customers who are use to lower nicotine levels. To balance out the mixture, use a 0% or 0.6% nicotine level with the V2 Cola E-Liquid.

3. Fall Crush Twist: This sweet and delicious e-liquid combination includes 50% V2 platinum cherry e-liquid and 50% chocolate e-liquid. This mixture offers a hint of freshness and richness to enjoy walking to or from work on a cool, autumn morning or afternoon.

4. Savory Fruitcake: If you want to get really creative, combine 30% of V2 Cherry, 30% of V2 Grape, 30% of V2 Sahara & a touch (roughly 10%) of V2 Vanilla E-Liquid to create a sweet, fruity vape session full of rich flavor to help you unwind on the weekend.

5. Fall Turkish Trio: We recommend using 33% V2 Coffee E-Liquid, 33% V2 Sahara E-Liquid and 33% V2 Cherry E-Liquid to create a blend that offers the right amount of cream and sugar needed to keep you warm and happy during the fall season.

Do you have a tasty V2 e-liquid mix that you love and want to share with your fellow vapers? Make sure to share it in the comment section below!


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