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V2 Talks Vaporizer Regulation with The Hill

Filed in News & Politics by on September 1, 2015 0 Comments

vaporizer regulations v2The electronic cigarette and vaporizer industry has received increased worldwide attention amidst the Public Health England’s independent e-cig study that has concluded vaporizer products to be 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes. In response to this new data out of the United Kingdom, many anti-electronic cigarette organizations, public figures and big tobacco companies have worked to confuse the public and the members at the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) about the studies findings.

As time goes on and big tobacco corporations put pressure on the FDA to impose strict regulations, the vaporizer industry, including the team at VMR, is continuing to promote fact-based information about the industry to its customers via news outlets, social media, email and its independent e-cigarette forums.

VMR Product’s vice president of marketing, Adam Kustin, recently spoke with The Hill about this topic and offered great perspective from the vaporizer and ecig industry’s point-of-view. “The UK report fairly says that nicotine is addictive and that e-cigarettes should only be used by current smokers… The report is highly encouraging because it points out that there is a misperception among roughly half of consumers that e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes are of equal risk,” Kustin said in this news article.

At VMR, we’re dedicated to promoting facts about our industry while offering superior quality products that include rigorous quality control, strict ingredient labeling and childproof e-liquid bottles. In addition, we are committed to not marketing or selling our products to anyone under the legal smoking age as outlined in each U.S. state or country. The PHE’s study further supports our data which illustrates that the majority of our e-cig and vaporizer customers are using vapor products to transition away from smoke products. In addition, V2 and Vapor Couture offer five different nicotine strength levels, in an effort to assist customers in reducing and eventually eliminating their nicotine intake.

Kustin continued to tell The Hill what the majority of reliable vaporizer manufacturers agree with, including that the PHE’s new study can help the U.S. move toward achieving fair, common sense regulation for the industry: “Given the source of the study, we hope that it provides some influence on the FDA’s position on electronic cigarettes… while the UK hasn’t made any policy changes based on this brand new study, their updated perspective could lead the way in how governments view the societal value of e-cigarettes.”

If you would like to take part in educating vapor and non-vapor enthusiasts about the need for fair e-cigarette and vaporizer regulation in the U.S., make sure to share this blog post with your friends and loved ones on Facebook and Twitter.

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