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Vaporizer + Netflix = Happiness

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vaporizer friendly netflix shows v2 cigsWith more than 62 million subscribers, plus streaming original and popular video content, it’s safe to say the vaporizer isn’t the only innovative technology changing the way people do things. In the past year alone, Tech Crunch has reported that 8.2% of American’s have cut their cable cords and opted for more affordable, easily accessible video content through platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Go. These video streaming numbers parallel the number of people switching to a vaporizer or ecig as well; according to a study published in the lancet journal, the switch rate for consumers who have transitioned to e-cigarettes was 7.3%.

With both video streaming and vaporizer usage on the rise, we thought it only made sense to do them both at the same time! What is better than streaming a new movie or binge watching a new TV show at home with your significant other and fur babies on a Friday night? Doing it with your V2 Pro vaporizer or V2 e-cigarette!

To help you enjoy your off time during the remainder of the summer, we have compiled a list of must-watch video streaming shows and movies that are not only entertaining for all of their drama, comedy and romance, but some of them even feature an e-cigarette or vaporizer!

Sense8 – This new Netflix original thriller series just debuted a few weeks ago and features eight strangers, located in different cities around the world, who find themselves attracted and connected to each other through a shared ability to hear each others thoughts and visions. One of the chosen eight is a woman who vapes with a serious tank-style vaporizer, showing the vape community some major love!

Wet Hot American Summer, First Day of Camp – Need a summer pick-me-up? This new comedy series is a hilarious spinoff of the 2001 cult classic movie about crazy and wild counselors at summer camp in 1981. The series features Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd and the hysterical Amy Poehler. There are also a slew of epic guest appearances by Jon Hamm, John Slattery and Kristen Wiig, proving to be a truly hilarious series worthy of binge watching and vaporizer enjoyment on a Saturday night when you don’t feel like going out.

Family Guy – Although this TV show isn’t new, it’s always a pleasure to watch whether you’re a seasoned Stewie fan or have just decided to jump on the Seth MacFarlane bandwagon. Family Guy is a great Netflix option for a relaxed night at home, snuggled up with a loved one or furry family member. A few episodes of twisted humor and political incorrectness portrayed through the adventures of the Griffin family combined with a delicious vaporizer session may be exactly what you need for a few good laughs or positive energy boost.

Orange is the New Black – This all women cast (minus a few prison guards!) offers both serious drama and serious humor while it sheds a bit of insight into the daily struggles of women in the prison system. This three-season drama show will have you on the edge of your seat while learning how so many women from all walks of life cope with losing their normal lives in exchange for a long-term prison sentence. Seeing how each woman ended up in prison will surprisingly make you feel a little empathetic once you learn where they came from and how small decisions affected the entire course of their lives. You’ll cope with the intense drama better with a full tank of V2 Platinum E-Liquid in a V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer, which will at least last you through the first season.

The Human Experiment – This documentary narrated by Sean Penn looks at the personal lives of Americans across the country and shows the lethal effects of chemicals on the human body when consumed in small quantities over decades. This politically controversial movie will really open your eyes and make you question what you eat, what products you use in your home and whether or not federal agencies are looking out for the best interest of the average consumer or large corporations.

Do you have a must-see Netflix series, movie or documentary that you want your fellow V2 vapers to enjoy in their spare time? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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